Amazing Tom Brady Statistic

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    Re: Amazing Tom Brady Statistic

    Of course QBs get the win-loss attached to their names.  A good QB wins games.  A bad QB loses them. 

    Tom Brady is such an amazing player.  When he retires and we're forced to watch junk like EJ Manuel, Geno Smith or that bum Freeman, people will realize how much better than everyone else Brady had been.

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    Re: Amazing Tom Brady Statistic

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    As cool as that stat is, I never understood why a quarterback gets labeled with a record like a team does.  Football is the ultimate team sport and to me it's kind of messed up that the quarterback gets so much of the credit for a win.  I realize it is possibly the most important position in football but Brady himself would probably say if it wasn't for his o-line, his defense, and his special teams, he doesn't have that record.  Quarterbacks too often get credit for the wins and too often get blamed for the losses.  It's a team sport.  Quarterbacks are not pitchers in baseball.


    Was going to post this - there are a number of debates going on about Brady on this board. Brady losing play off games, Brady vs. Manning is a team game!


    No sh!t  Einsteins...  but this cool stat is legitimate and will never be touched by anyone.  Brady did it over 12 years with 12 different lineups, rbs, wrs, o-lines, Ds, etc.

    Brady was the constant on the field and also the most important player towards affecting the outcome  .  Put that together and you have a real measurable stat IMO.  Pats were 5-11 year before Brady and 1-2 THAT year.  

      No way to discount it, sorry chumpsters....

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    Re: Amazing Tom Brady Statistic

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    Thanks again to BB for making ALL of this possible, year in and year out, even in 2008 going 11-5 with Matt Cassel, a QB who hadn't played in a game in a decade.

    Ironic.   Casssel tries to rescue Minny this weekend vs Pitt.


    Say things like this as much as you like for as long as you like, you're kidding yourself. BB can't take to the field, he can't throw a ball, he can't run a route...he might not even be able to catch a shotgun snap.

    You're a waste of oxygen! I've left the forum for about 6 months and you're exactly the same...truely a dispicable human being. I'm glad everyone else has caught on. I've been lurking for 2 weeks and usually i'd at least see someone defending you and saying " you know football" you don't even talk football anymore you just choke on BB's chode, speculate what you believe his views would be and then scoff at people who think otherwise. Very good you're a genius...keep doing what you do Rusty you absolute cretin !


    P.S. Explain the irony in your comment (there isn't any)