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    Re: Amendola

    2 to 6 weeks tells me they have no idea how long he'll be out. 2 to 4 or 4 to 6 means they have a handle on it. 

    This could be he's back vs. the Bucs (that's 2 weeks, after all) or he's back in early November. Way too big of a range.

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    Re: Amendola

    Well so far he has played in 50% of his games for the Patriots which is not really that far off his career average of playing in about 2/3 of his teams games...

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    Re: Amendola

    If it's a grade 3 he will not totally heal until the off season...

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    Re: Amendola

    Unfortunately he is another dud signing. He has had a history of injuries and he has played 1 game and now out for 6. He came with a buyer be warned tag. Good player but just can't stay on the field. Pats need to see if they can make a deal with someone ASAP.

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    Re: Amendola

    Players with a history of injuries will most likely miss a number of games during a season.

    Wes hardly ever got injured. And he was the oil of the Patriots' great offensive machine.

    In last season's first few games when Edelman and Hernandez tried to fill Welker's role

    the offense was not clicking. He was a large part on our way to the post season.

    The recent playoff losses cannot be blamed only on him.

    Many contributed to them including the injured who could not play.

    BB should have brought him back even after the Amendola signing.

    Amendolla could have taken Loyed's spot/role (only a couple of mil more per yr).

    With Amendola and Welker on the team our prommissing wrs would have the time

    to develop with out so much pressure.