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    Just heard a point that Amendola compares more to Edelman than he does to Welker.

    Amendola is an inch taller, but Edelman has a slightly faster 40 time.

    Both have durability issues.

    Both operate best in the slot, but can be servicable on the outside.

    In his one starting role, Edelman had 44 yards and 2 TDs against the Ravens in '09. 40 yards is what Amendola has averaged.



    With all that said, I think Edelman is gone. Keeping two players that offer the same exact thing doesn't seem to make sense for the Pats. Only makes sense if you keep Edelman on the bench to fill in when Amendola gets hurt. 

    But on that logic, why would Edelman come back here? White receiver swap maybe. Edelman goes to Stl to fill in the Amendola role.

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    Re: Amendola=Edelman?

    Amendola is supposed to be equal to Welker but he plays for the Broncos now...he he he,snicker snicker snicker ,LMFAO!!!

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    Re: Amendola=Edelman?

    Do you guys only watch the Patriots or do you watch other teams as well?


    Amendola caught 85 passes with a young and mediocre QB throwing to him. Last year he caught over 60 passes in 11 games which put him on traock for another 85-86 catches.

    Before Welker got her he caught 67 I believe.

    Amendola i spolished and exceptional. He is also more dangerous than Welker. He did miss essentially all of 2011 and he missed 5 games last year. So we will see abount health. But as a player has the savy of Welker and the dangerous capabilities of Edelman. I do not think he just steps in for Welker - Welker and Brady were so on the same page. But he should be able to step in and produce impresive numbers and make big plays. Wow type plays. The only question is health and there is little reason to assume that the two injuries he had will cause more to come later. Plus he is 5 years and 2 inches and a bit faster than Welker.

    He is better than Edleman because he is polished and accomplished. He is more dangerous than Welker.

    Your only concern should be health and only time will tell there.