An Armond Armstead sighting!

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    Re: An Armond Armstead sighting!

    Sorry about the post with the multiple same info from the Herald. For some reason when I did a paste the text didn't show up but obviously it putting the info in the text box and just not showing it.

    Then I tried to edit the entry and click onthe add my edit button only for it to do nothing. This forums edit and update features really stink.

    Anyway, I hope you all have a great holiday weekend and win or lose enjoy the Sox and Patriots.

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    Re: An Armond Armstead sighting!

    In response to coolade2's comment:

    Whatever is up with him, I hope he is working out at least so he doesn't get into a game and then go down with something else.  NT is a brutal position to play.  Get him good and ready.  meanwhile , get your other guys valuable reps, and hope they improve as well. 

    This is a little similar to Gronk situation where there is extra anxiety to get him back to save the day , so to speak.  Not buying that.  Work them in slowly and surely.

    He won't play NT, he only clocks in at 295-305. He'll play DT alongside Kelly and Vellano. Vince was the only NT on the team and it looks like BB will stick to the 43 with him out.