An Overview of Current State of the Patriots

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    An Overview of Current State of the Patriots

    2 words come to mind :UT OH!!! Let's review:::
    1. QB - above average but fading from elite status,best days are behind him
    2. Running Backs -below average and old and injury prone
    3. Wide Receivers - Moss and then way below average receivers-excluding Welker
    4. Offensive Line - average at best, not physical,not fast but well coached
    5. Tight Ends - below average not a part of the game plan
    Overall the offense doesn't have many weapons anymore.The game plan is easily defended and Moss and Brady are definitely on the back 9.They basically need alot of everything on offense.
    6. Defensive Line- good against the run and below average rushing the passer.When Wilfolk leaves next year the defensive line will suddenly become a below average line in the NFL
    7. Linebackers - who were they? below average ,absolutely no playmakers
    8. Defensive backs - alot of quanity but really no quality,average at best with no shutdown corner and with absolutely no pass rush from the D-line this is a problem
    9. Special teams - average and nothing special about them. Coverage teams were okay  but punting was below average and kickoff return team was bad
    10. front office -below average alot more misses than hits
    11. Coaching -of course BB is an above average coach BUT after him the current staff lacks experience or the ability to go against BB. He has total autonomy over his staff which is probably not the best way to go. Got outcoached alot last season.Offensive coordinator??? seemed to struggle mightily
    12. ownership - of course the Kraft's spend as much as they have to but it seems that they let the star players leave and try and fill in with subpar players who can't play.Not real happy with ownership.
    Overall is there really enough left to get excited about next year? Have you seen the schedule for next year? It looks like a brutal schedule. I, for one, am very worried that the Patriots are looking at 8-8. Way too many holes on the team and not enough veteran leadership. Boy am I pining for the good ole days 2004,2005
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    Re: An Overview of Current State of the Patriots

    I agree with alot of what you said...
    You horribly miss the point with brady though.
    You can not make any statement about Brady. There are way too many unknowns that affect brady's performance.
    1) Missing a year.
    2) Like you mentioned - Offensive line not consistant enough. Brady gets hit alot. If you watch the colts game, no one gets close to manning, and when someone gets close to manning, he either throws it for completion, throws it away, or goes down... He barely takes 1/4th the amount of hits brady takes.
    3) Not alot of options for brady - Moss (Deep balls), WElker, Faulk...
    4) Predictable play calling all season long.

    It could be any of these reasons or a mixture of them. It could also be that brady is infact in the back 9 of his career as u stated. But you cannot come to that conclusion from this year. We have to wait till next season to answer whether brady is infact losing IT. It will also depend on what the team does. The team needs to upgrade O-Line to protect brady, and needs to add some explosiveness into the offense be it a WR like desean jackson or percy harvin... or a RB who can break a few long runs as well as catch out of the backfield. Maybe even a pass catching TE... 

    Along those lines, i think you are harsh on the DBacks, i think bodden + butler would make a top 10 combo in the league maybe even top 5 combo if we had any kind of a pass rush. So alot of things on defense are connected.

    I agree the linebackers were a disappointment this year. After the injury, it felt like mayo was not mayo... Maybe they should have just ended his season, because he was clearly not effective. I dont remember him making 1 play all season, it might be harsh... but i expected ALOT more... Hopefully hes better next year.

    These next two drafts are very vital to our success. It will literally make or break our team for this decade. We have enough ammo to win the war, just depends on how well they use it...
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    Re: An Overview of Current State of the Patriots

    I love it when another teams troll comes to a Patriots newspaper and starts breaking down the Patriots!Quack same as the yankees trolls do for the Red sox fans.So rick Rand3 good luck with whatever losing organization you really root for.
    CoolGuy,no this trolls come here all the time pretending to know about the Patriots their needs and their weaknesses,well this guy shows he knows nothing because he says he didn't see Mayo make a play all year,the reason he didn't see Mayo make any plays was because he doesn't watch the Patriots.
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    Re: An Overview of Current State of the Patriots

    This thing can get fixed quickly but you are right, the Pats have to hit on every top pick.  With the first pick the Pats could go in a couple of different directions.  Right now as things stand there is a choice of four OTs.  Get one to play RT and put Vollmer at LT.  The other direction could be Odrick, DT.  Odrick would fix the DL.  

    With the 44th and 47th overall pick I really don't like anything that is there right now.  Maybe Gronkowski, TE.  The guy has some size but like I said nothing to get jazzed up about.  Shipley, WR is there but would rather see Tate and FAs fill the WR slots as the Pats have more pressing needs.

    Pick #53 could be Anthony Dixon, RB.
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    Re: An Overview of Current State of the Patriots

    This post is not fair to the team.  Its like a machine, if one part is malfunctioning the whole machine will not work properly.  If one player doesnt do his job it makes it seem as if others are also struggling.  We need a pass rush, a couple more offensive weapons (a work horse running back and a 2nd wide reciever) and one OL and we will be fine.  If we had a pass rush I guarantee you our secondary would prove to be more than capable, even without a shutdown corner.  Also if we had a pass rush our secondary and LBs wouldnt have to be on their heels trying not to get burnt all game which would improve our run D (we need to sign Wilfork).  On the other side of the ball, with a solid run game, another recieving threat and another capable OT signed through the draft or free agency I think you would be pleasantly surprised at what Brady is still capable of.  Not to mention he will have another year of recovery, you saw how much of a difference that second year made for Peyton Manning.  Anyways the point is that this team didnt suddenly become a terrible team overnight.  Yes we lost a lot of veteran leadership and yes the team could use an attitude change, but there is still a ton of talent on this team and I trust the guys in the front office to put it together properly and maintain the successful franchise we have all enjoyed watching win.
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    Re: An Overview of Current State of the Patriots

    I have to totally DISAGREE with #1.  Brady had his second best career year coming off an injury.  So please explain fading to me?
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    Re: An Overview of Current State of the Patriots

    okay agree with all the Brady points. We're so accustomed to seeing him win games like the Jets, Denver, Miami, Houston then when he doesn't it puts a sour taste in your mouth BUT agreed it is very reasonable to give him another year to recover.
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    Re: An Overview of Current State of the Patriots

    Let's just say there are few obvious bad apples on the team - guys who routinely fail at the basics:

    Maroney -can't run, catch or block
    Watson -can't catch
    Merriweather -can't tackle

    Each of these guys has a big ego (okay, maybe not Watson).  The team needs players it can rely on to do the basics, even if those players aren't superstars.  The first step in rebuilding is to get rid of these three failures.

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    Re: An Overview of Current State of the Patriots

    What a bunch of freakin' clowns!

    This is how it is!

    If Brady is healthy than this is an elite team.  

    If he is not healthy than this is not an elite team.  Period end of story.

    See also Colts team in the first half of 2008.

    Guys it's not that freakin' hard to understand!


    One man isn't going to win the superbowl but he IS the difference between mediocrity and elite status.

    The other 52 guys will decide if this is a championship caliber team or not but make no mistake it's BRADY OR BUST!

    No matter how good the defense is supposed to be...It always comes down to Brady in the final moments of the superbowl championships...and he has always gotten it was the D that let us down against the G-men.  Brady did his job and drove the Pats down to a TD in the final moments of the game, just like he did in the previous 3 superbowls.

    So all of this Blah, Blah, Blah about they need this and they need that BS is all STUPID TALK!  What they need is for Tom Brady to play like Tom Brady!
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    Re: An Overview of Current State of the Patriots

     All we need on defense is a couple of  pass rushers from the draft.

       On offense we need a right  guard who can start now and a center and tackle to develop.

      I don't care if we get a Running back but we do need better production from the third wide out. (Brandon Tate?)
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    Re: An Overview of Current State of the Patriots

    Mar10fern, that was a nice post...if your 12!
    Rick I really would like to know what your basis is for saying Bradys best days are behind him. Certainly not based on this year, everytime he got into trouble it was clearly because of his injury. Underthrowing 81 = not steping into his throw and not wanting to put all his weight on his front foot etc. Everyone knows he wasnt right, but he still put up very good numbers. I really would like to know why you think his best are behind him. And like many I dont think this o-line is terrible, I think their built for the run, to get down field, thats when their at their best. And as long as we have a ham sandwhich touting the rock we'll have these problems.  I really like Mike Johnson at G and think we can get him in the 2nd round, him beside Kop and Mank, with Seabass and Light on the edge. If not then maybe try and get  Davis or Cambell in the first.
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    Re: An Overview of Current State of the Patriots

    Mungo, we need ALOT more than a couple of pass rushers on D. It amazes me how you could watch the team this year and think thats all we need on D. Teams decided and made no secret that they would run on Sey's side. Everyone knew it and we coudnt stop it, get all the pass rushers you want not having a solid guy at the 5 tech will really hurt us. Another position that we really need to upgrade is ILB, everyones including you only scream about an OLB. Mayo hasnt proved that he can be the big dog on this team and needs someone with equal or greater talent. Backs had the edge all year against us, and the screens were no different. Maybe the injury had something to do with that, but what about RB's hitting the holes and getting to the second and thrid level. They exploded through it and Mayo was slow, indecisive and didnt wrap up good enough. 51 isnt a Willis, Ryans, Lewis type,he needs some real help along side him. And our secondary is a complete hot mess, hopefully we resign Bodden. After him we got nada, 2nd corner is a major need, and Meriweather has had enough time. He is what he is and its not good enough at all. The angles he took(ALL YEAR) were terrible, his judgement was putrid and his tackling was worse. He gives up far too many, more than he makes. This D has major needs, a pass rush wont stop teams from exploiting the middle etc. Believe me I would love one, but wouldnt waste our first on one of these OLB's coming out, 2nd ok, but not first. Id love to see us trade up or down into the early second and get a Bowman, Wooten if available.
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    Re: An Overview of Current State of the Patriots

    I think it goes beyond Brady.  Brady will be fine.  This offense is so one dimensional it's not funny.  Nobody cared about facing the Pats rushing game.  I'd let it go if I were the opposition.  Who's there to be afraid of?  Concentrate on Moss and Welker.  Shut them down.  Game won.  It's not that hard to see. 

    We need a minimum of one RB, one or two OL and a 3rd WR.  I would like to see Dwyer with the first pick.  No matter we need fresh legs at RB.  Look for one in the 2nd round.  Another direction could be tackle.  There are a number of them at 22 as well.  The Pats decided to go in thin at WR and paid for it.  Galloway didn't work out as well as Lewis.  This killed us.  I feel we can fill this need in FA and hope that Tate comes through.  We have to hit on two draft choices here.

    Defense had no pass rush.  This should be a priority.  We saw it a problem in 2009 and it got worse in 2010.  I would think that Bill has seem enough and will try to get this thing going this year.  I've cooled on the idea of using the 1st pick on a pass rusher because I've read so much about this position being a bust.  Frankly I don't know where to go here.  Bodden needs to be signed.  He's the best CB we've had in a while and is a lot better than Samuel ever thought of being.  Jerod Odrick might be the first pick for the Pats.  Cody's stock is dropping like a rock.  He might be worth a gamble in the later rounds.  Too bad we don't have a 3rd round pick.  I wouldn't touch him in the 2nd round.  Hughes might be the 1st second round pick.  His stock has dropped a bit.  I wonder if it will stay there though.  Two draft picks here.  An OLB and DE.

    This thing is going to take more than this year to fix.  Especially if we loose Bodden and Wilfork.  This will set us back big time.  But if we can keep Bodden and Wilfork and hit on the selections I've mentioned this thing is not all that far away from being SB contenders again. 
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    Re: An Overview of Current State of the Patriots

    NO IT WON"T!  If TB is healthy, they don't need that much.  You think the Pats are one dimensional...Hey have you ever seen the Colts even play?  Ranked 32nd in rushing, how's that for 1 dimensional.  Austin Collie and Pierre Garcon...Are you kidding yourself?  This is not great drafting, this is Peyton Manning being Peyton Manning.

    Granted they do have a VERY good pass rush.  The colts have had their share of injuries at LB and certainly at the DB position but like the Saints have covered it up well due to a fierce pass rush.

    Repeat after me...Tom Brady needs to play like Tom Brady...Tom Brady needs to play like Tom Brady...Tom Brady needs to...

    Oh and they do need some pass rushers!
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    Re: An Overview of Current State of the Patriots

    I'm getting tired of hearing how the Pats are done and how they haven't won anything in 5 years.  Here's what the numbers say:

    * In the past 5 seasons, only the Colts have a better regular season record.  IND went 65-15 while NE went 59-21.

    * In those 5 years, the Pats BY FAR have ranked #1 in scoring differential at +747 points (compared to runner up SD at +649).

    * In the past 2 years, only IND and MIN had a better combined regular season record.

    * In 2009, NE was a defensive stop, a first down, or a score away from winning in 5 games that if they got that one extra play they could easily have ended the year 15-1.  The only game they had no chance in was in New Orleans.

    * In 2009, the Pats ranked as the second best team when adding their offensive points scored ranking to their defensive points allowed ranking.  They ranked 6th in points scored and 5th in points allowed = 11.  Only Green Bay was better at 3 + 7=10.

    Yes, this team has areas it needs to address, but people are saying the sky is falling and make this team sound like they are on par with the Rams, Lions, or Raiders.
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    Re: An Overview of Current State of the Patriots

    As for what ails this team, most people point their fingers at the defense and give the offense a bye.  HOWEVER, the offense ***KILLED*** this team this year in the second half.

    Here's a breakdown of the team's scoring for every half in the Brady/BB era:

    2007 H1 333
    2009 H1 282
    2007 H2 256
    2004 H1 246
    2002 H2 221
    2005 H2 218
    2008 H1 207
    2001 H1 207
    2008 H2 203
    2006 H1 202
    2004 H2 191
    2003 H2 185
    2006 H2 183
    2005 H1 164
    2001 H2 164
    2003 H1 163
    2002 H1 160
    2009 H2 145

    This year's offense scored the fewest points compared to its predacessors . . . in the worst spot possible: at the end of games. IMO, THE OFFENSE was a bigger problem than the defense was this year.

    Now stop and consider the amount the Pats spent this year in terms of cap allocation (dead money not included): $70 million on offensive players to $44 million on defensive players. Overall, the defense did pretty well given that they only were allocated a much smaller portion of the cap dollars that were spent.
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    Re: An Overview of Current State of the Patriots

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    Re: An Overview of Current State of the Patriots

    I tend to take the point of view that the sky is not falling.  The Pats were close in 15 games, a few plays change and they could be a 15-1 team.  A few plays go the other way and they could be a 6-10 team.  You could probably look at every team and see more weaknesses than strengths but the sum ot the parts is what counts.  For example the Colts don't have the best secondary, or D-line, or RB's, returners, or kicker.  The Saints are the same way but they are the 2 best teams in football. 

    How many players will it take to make another 10, 15, or 20 plays a year and take a top seed in the AFC?  It may not take any with Brady likely to be better just from having a healthy offseason.  Add on to that promising guys like Tate, Butler and Vollmer going into their second year and the furure looks good and they haven't even got into the draft where the Pats have 4 picks in the first 2 rounds of a deep draft, and an uncapped year that looks like it will work to the Pats advantage.
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    Re: An Overview of Current State of the Patriots

    Is it the defense's fault that the Pats's offense scored an average of 9 ppg in the second half this year?  Is it the defense's fault that the offense could hardly even get a first down in the 4th quarter this year?

    The main difference between the 09 Pats and the other Pats teams (well, not really applicable to the 07 Pats) is that the offense did not have the time killing drive at the end of games to take 6-8 minutes off the clock on a late FG or TD to ice the game.  Instead, they either turned the ball over or punted and the defense had to stay on the field a lot more and often came close but not close enough to stopping good teams.

    As for who the Pats have beaten, their record against playoff foes:
    2009 2-3
    2008 2-4
    2007 5-0
    2006 2-2
    2005 2-3
    2004 5-1
    2003 5-0
    2002 2-5
    2001 2-3

    3 of the 4 playoff years stand out, but the other years they were very meh in terms of beating playoff teams.

    As for their record in games decided by one possession or less:

    2009 3-5

    2008 3-2

    2007 4-0

    2006 5-2

    2005 5-2

    2004 4-1

    2003 8-1

    2002 5-2

    2001 4-3

    This was the first year that they were below .500 (although they more then likely could have beat HOU if they really cared about that game).  I'm not sure one year makes a trend, but it certainly is something to monitor.

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    Re: An Overview of Current State of the Patriots

    To anybody who thinks 2009 was Tom Brady's second best year, I recommend Huff's "How to Lie with Statistics."  A couple of great statistical games greatly influenced his final numbers.  What really happened was that this team could barely score in the second half, and aside from the Buffalo game, could never mount a come-from-behind-at-the-end drive, the real sign of a quality quarterback--can he lead his team to the win when he gets the chance?  In 2009, with that one exception, he couldn't.  Maybe he's (way) beyond his prime, maybe his ribs were broken, and his touch on the long ball was never that great that one would expect him to overcome a broken finger (which, depending on where and how bad, could easily cause anybody to lose his touch) .  So we have to wait and see.  But his second best year? No effing way.