And then Brady said...

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    Team player!  Team leader!  Trying to take some pressure off the rookie WR's who have the deer in the headlight looks on their faces going into the past two games.

    He should be publicly questioning why he wasn't given any talent to work with.  Why did he do a contract restructure for a steak dinner and only got a hamburger.



    "Being the best doesn't mean you always win. It just means you win more than anybody else."  Text received by Tom Brady from Kurt Warner after Ravens loss.

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    He put pressure on them with his sideline antics.






    His sideline antics were directed at Edelman, not the rookies. 



    These rookies, not ready to start, are being hurt more by being thrown in there to sink or swim.

    I'm sure those 10% completion percentages and drops after drops are doing wonders for their confidence.

    Hopefully they improve, but there's no guarantee of that.  Hopefully, it doesn't take 5-8 years to fix the O, too.


    It's way too early to tell. 


    "Brady has completed 65 percent of his throws elsewhere, but he wouldn't pin the offense's deficiencies on the rookies."

    That is a telling stat. If it were 10% to the rookies I wouldn't be surprised. And I don't blame them ... they are coming along (or not) at their rate. And I don't blame Brady, because he can't make them run the routes correctly. 

    I blame the situation. 

    One more thing we dont talk about is the Jets defense. They are not trash, so getting rookies tough games is a good thing. They could have had field day against philly defense.