Drafts are just tools.  Stop measuring success in drafts.  If you are upset we didn't win it all those years, THAT is the problem.  Were we not good enough against the Giants?  NO.  We didn't have a good game plan, and got run over.  Against the Ravens?  Same.  Against the Jets?  Same.  ALL those teams we had beaten before they beat us.  Talent isn't the issue.  We had to address a more aggressive pass rush against us and mount one at the same time.  That is about it as far as I can see.  Stop the pass rush, get after the other guy's QB.  Fixes everything.  And I think the major philosophy shift we are seeing addresses one of those, we shall see what happens with the other.  Make no mistake, every team out there knows if you can mount insane pressure on Brady, he is very human.