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Andre Carter

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    Andre Carter

    Let's bring back Carter if heathy. Ninko-Stinko has done nothing at end. Also put Wilson in and see what he can do,Chung can't cover and is always late/hurt!

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    Re: Andre Carter

    There's a reason Carter is still available, it's because his legs are shot

    As for Chung, I'd like to see a little more Wilson in there but don't blame Chung for those issues really. The S's play a lot of zone unless they are put close to the line to play man. Not to mention how the Pats don't like to have their S's stay put before the ball is snapped. Usually I see the S's doing a Waltz with eachother right before the snap. It's hard to get into position and protect in zone when your D cord is making you run around like a kid who just ate a 4' long pixie stick right as the play is happening

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    Re: Andre Carter

    Thos giant Pixie Stix were awesome!



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