Andre Dixon? Dexter McCluster?

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    Andre Dixon? Dexter McCluster?

    Any chance we could pick up one (or both) of these guys? Andre really seems like a stereotypical BB RB. Quick feet, and he's a powerful runner. Seems like a less "dancy" Maroney.

    As for McCluster, if we were to draft him, I'd have to imagine he'd be converted to a WR. He's extremely quick in and out of his cuts, and could help stretch the field to a degree.

    Again, all of this is hypothetical. We need a pass rushing OLB, along with a few D-line men, and O-line men, and of course depth at WR (and a young corner, that we could draft late, maybe 4th or 5th round and develop would be nice.)

    Any thoughts?

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    Re: Andre Dixon? Dexter McCluster?

    I didn't understand all the hype about McCluster all over this board.  Everyday there seems like another thread about this guy.  

    And now you think he could be converted to a WR?  I had to look up his stats and I have to admit, 44 catches for each of the past two seasons are great numbers for a RB.  I do think BB might look long and hard at this guy, but converting him to WR might be an impossible task.  

    Usually it takes WR 3 years before they break out.  I'm not sure why that is if it's the playbook or speed of the game, but it's not as easy as one might think.
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    Re: Andre Dixon? Dexter McCluster?

    I just watched the WR/RB's at the combine,the guys who showed me the most are the kid from Ohio U,Price and Tate from Notre Dame,so if the Patriots draft Golden Tate they need to take Ben Tate also,cause they already have Brandon Tate...On the subject of McCluster he's fast and his presence on the field is that of a game breaker much like Harvin,KR/RB/WR thats a lot of football player so if he's available when the last Patriots pick in round 2 then he's well worth it.Jonathan Dwyer is another back if you are looking for a load at the jumbo tailback position..
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    Re: Andre Dixon? Dexter McCluster?

    I brought up McCluster before the "rage" set in.

    As an SEC fan, he is well known to me.

    McCluster's apparent lack of overall production is because he was intentionally limited in his reps at RB and KR because they worried about injuring him, or burning him out.

    Their coach expressed regret, after seeing his dominance this season, at not playing him more earlier. 
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    Re: Andre Dixon? Dexter McCluster?

    Yea take it easy ZBELL , McCluster is well known to anyone who watched any football the past two years. And your threads/post are about insightful as a dog$hit sandwhich , I dont know how many times I called you out on it , but like most on here you hide behind your screen.
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    Re: Andre Dixon? Dexter McCluster?

    In Response to Re: Andre Dixon? Dexter McCluster?:
    In Response to Re: Andre Dixon? Dexter McCluster? : I'm a huge SEC fan as well and I think he'd be a great addition to the team.  Whatever they wanted to do with him - return kicks/punts, handoffs, WR - would be fine with me. As for the Ole Miss coach, Houston Nutt... that guy is a moron lol.  But yeah, I thought they should've used McCluster more often.  He destroyed us (Arkansas) this year.. he drove me insane that day!!! They had NO answer for him no matter what they tried.  I love most of the SEC players.  Best conference, best competition.. They produce some great players.  I'd love to see some of those SEC guys on the Pats - McClain, LaFell, McCluster, Dixon, Hardesty, Dunlap, R. Cooper.... Man, I miss SEC Football, just talking about it makes me wish it was here already!
    Posted by jasonh86
    I live in Florida and my niece attends UF while my nephew goes to USF so I'm torn between their schools obviously there is a ton of talent coming out of the 2 programs this year,but for pure football entertainment the SEC is the bomb! If the Patriots can't get McCluster I'ld settle for either Trindon Holliday or Brandon James they are a little smaller but just as explosive! Heck the only names I hear from all the patriots fans are WR's like Tate,the 9 Williams's,and all the small MAC conference guys,but Florida and LSU have better players than those guys,LaFell,Gonzalez,Cooper,James,Holliday,Nelson,heck before Dez Bryant I'd take LaFell... Those are just the receivers and I didn't even go to the defenders my goodness the draft will be chock full of guys from KY,Georgia,Alabama,UF,LSU,Tenn being picked from this draft....
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    Re: Andre Dixon? Dexter McCluster?

    Dexter is great and he could help the Pats in many ways!  As receiver, occasional RB in wildcat and 3rd down specialist and kick returns.  Great successor to Kevin Faulk.  We need to get him with our middle pick in the second round. 

    I like Ole Miss Greg Hardy with our last #2 as DE/OLB - he has size, speed.