Andy Dalton, you STINK!!

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    Andy Dalton, you STINK!!

    Hahahahahaha!!!  This is why we were rooting for the Bungles today!!

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    Re: Andy Dalton, you STINK!!

         He was terrible. Don't know who did a worse job...Dalton or coach Marvin Lewis? Dalton has all those weapons, and Lewis has all that talent...and they couldn't get it done. Changes need to be made in Cincinnati. Lewis may have taken this team as far as he can. They need a new coach to push them over the hump.

         It's kind of like the situation in Tampa about a decade ago, where the overrated Tony Dungy had taken the Bucs as far as he could...and the Bucs brought in "Chuckie" Gruden to get them over the hump.