What's crackin Pats fans. Once again it looks as though we are having the super bowl midseason. LOL. Anywho don't want to ruffle any feathers this year so good luck Sunday. It should be a great game hopefully the colts pull it out. Keys to the game. Let's see. Pats: Have to protect Brady. Doesn't matter how good a qb is, you have people in your face all game and they all look average at best. If Freeney and Mathis can be kept at bay, Brady should have a field day with the colts soft cover schemes. Welker definitely has to be accounted for. I would say Welker is the reason the pats have a 6-2 record. He's a game changer. Last, someone has to account for Dallas Clark. I don't care what you say, he is the best TE in the league right now.

Colts, obviously the running game is anemic so it doesn't have to be spectacular, it just has to be efficient enough to keep the pats d honest. Manning will be Manning more than likely since that Colts O line is st8 solid with Jeff Saturday in the middle. New blitz schemes should give the pats O some wrinkles as the colts never blitzed under Dungy. Freeney and Mathis, nuff said and for gods sakes, FG will not beat the Pats so the colts once in the redzonde has to score some TDs!