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Answers to the 2010 uncapped year

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    Answers to the 2010 uncapped year

    OK, this is a post to hopefully clear up some misconceptions over the uncapped year of 2010. I have seen a ton of posts from people who are not understanding how the uncapped year affects things such as cutting a player and how teams will perform under an uncapped year.
     Example I had a post where someone could not understand how the Patriots cutting Adaleious Thomas could save the team money when his contract runs through 2011.
    Ok First the length of contract doesn't matter because Contracts in the NFL are NOT GUARANTEED so he will not see the salary portion of his 2010 and 2011 contract. Second the cap hit that use to happen would be where the team spread out a bonus over the length of the contract so the remaining bonus money would excellerate to the 2010 cap once the player was cut.  That Bonus Money has been in the Players account since signing the deal, but the team doesn't have to "Pay" for it all under the cap the day he signs they spread it over the length of the deal. So, in the case of A.T. They don't have a roughly 9.6 million dollar cap hit I think it works out as to cut him.

    Second as to if 2010 is an uncapped year for sure.... YES, I posted answers to this a couple weeks ago in a thread and simmilar thread yesterday but here it is (the abridged version).
    Peter King responded to the question of 2010 being an uncapped year a couple months back by saying the owners have agreed 2010 would be uncapped even if they got a deal done before 2010 starts (day after superbowl in NFL terms). This is because they agreed this would allow all teams to operate under the same environment giving no teams an unfair advantage if all of a sudden they had to get under a cap after constructing their team. 

    Third issue is won't Large market wealthy market teams be able to outprice the competition? IE Patriots, Cowboys, Redskins, Falcons, Raiders, etc.  This won't happen because if these teams went out and just outspent the competition for tallent they would loose the leverage they have with the players union. These owners want the players to agree to salary caps and to go out and spend willy nilly would be stupid and undermind their positions.

    I think this covers the issues I see all the time on this board, but if someoner has a question let me know I'll see if I can find the answer.
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    Re: Answers to the 2010 uncapped year

    Follow up... I am looking for the info on compensatory picks in 2010... I heard somewhere that compensatory picks will be done a bit different as well. I'll let you know what I find.