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Anti-BB Media Bias Proven

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    Re: Anti-BB Media Bias Proven

    In response to Bunker Spreckles' comment:

    And, the general NFL public, to boot.

    BB has been ranked "7th" all time according to the ESPN poll, which is clearly beyond ridiculous.  I don't care who thinks he's grumpy or callous. George Halas and Paul Brown were, too.  Even the greatest troll here can't even explain why he would be 7th all time as a head coach.    At worst, he's 3rd tucked in with Brown and Lombardi. At worst. He's been to 5 SBs as a head coach with the Pats, one play in each SB loss is why he doesn't have 5 rings, 7 total. What on earth?

    BB has best resume of any coach.    And, if you want to count 2 SB losses on him, you still can't do it.  He has no control over holding penalties not called on 4th down or helmet catches or drops by WRs.

    The only remaining explanation is the Spygate witch hunt perpetuated by the NY Jets and the media piggybacking off what has been proven to be an overblown and false claim in the first place. 

    Not only is BB the best NFL coach of all time because he's by far the best coach in the cap era (cap era>pre cap in terms of difficulty to succeed), he is the best pro sports coach I've ever seen in my life, hands down.  Red Auerbach retired a long time ago and is dead.  Phil Jackson is the most overrated coach of my lifetime and Scotty Bowman also did a lot of hopping around from great situation to great situation like Phil Jackson, minus his early 80s Buffalo days.  He's Connie Mack. He's Toe Blake. He's a trailblazer, innovator, genius, etc. He has some of the best defensive blueprints ever to be used that should be in the HOF one day.  His resume in Canton will take an hour to read off for crying out loud.

    At the end of the day, what does BB have to do to get more respect with what he is doing?  This is a historical run in an era where you're not supposed to be doing things like this.

    OMG Rusty, please tell us that is you in the picture.....

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    Re: Anti-BB Media Bias Proven

    I can picture you hunting Felger or Mazz with the hand gun tucked in your trousers...

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    Re: Anti-BB Media Bias Proven

    He also won a SB for Parcells.

    All in all most of his major achievements coincided with Brady as his QB. The way he will really distiguish himself is to win something after Brady retires, which I think he can. The argument that the greatest coaches won SB's with multiple QB's is  valid.

    If he does win after Brady, his consistent record in the age of  little or no player loyalty and the salary cap will get him the #2 or #3 spot on the list. The jealous haters and idiots who think spygate actually effected the outcome of any game will prevent him from being #1.


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    Re: Anti-BB Media Bias Proven

    Its brown walsh lombardi and bb as top 4. No particular order just those are the four.

    And it's unquestioned.  7th is a total joke. Espn as a whole is a total joke. 

    So this isn't a shock that they royally screw up this

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    Re: Anti-BB Media Bias Proven

    This was from another post you wrote from another screen name before you got "le boot" again. 

    But it ties right in, since this is one of your stumping topics you stump into the ground:

    ""Goodell has completely changed things, especially with regards to what Ds can do to WRs, TEs or QBs.  He's all about avoiding lawsuits and so that means making it harder for Ds to do what they used to do with strategy, intimdation, physicality, etc."

      True. But, what you have your head in the sand about is that other defensive coaches have adjusted to these changes better than Belichick has. In the early 2000s he was easily the most innovative defensive coach in the league. You can't say that now, unless you want to talk about who is the best at melding mediocre players (many of whom were acquired by him) into a bend-don't-break model that is not enough when it counts most.    But there are several teams at least that have advanced past what BB is doing defensively, or at least put themselves in that conversation by outplaying him in the playoffs.    BB has a great legacy if he stops coaching today but the last five years of Pats defense have hurt more than helped his overall status in football history, because others have adjusted better to how the league has changed. BB made the incorrect calculation that you have to now outscore people (signing tight ends to big contracts etc) rather than paid attention to the need to keep pushing the defensive envelope. So we became the new Indianapolis Colts and we're all the worse for it.    But I realize it's ultimately Brady's fault the defense is not what it was ten years ago..      
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