Antonio Appleby - has anyone seen him play?

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    Antonio Appleby - has anyone seen him play?

    i'm wondering if anyone here watched any virginia games last season? with the lack of depth at ILB and the pats success with undrafted players, i'm intrigued by appleby. i've never seen him play but the scouting reports sound good - great size, good leadership, he called the plays for al groh's defense, and seems to have decent speed. but he wasn't invited to the combine and wasn't drafted. i wonder if he looked good in games? i remember last year a few people had seen some GT games and had good things to say about guyton. so any news on appleby? 
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    Re: Antonio Appleby - has anyone seen him play?

    I haven't seen any Viginia games ever! Al Groh is the reason BB signed him he was a 4 yr starter,enough said as far as BB was concerned....It's good enough for me.
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    Re: Antonio Appleby - has anyone seen him play?

    Haven't seen him play but given many forum members love affair with unproven players that they have never seen play a single snap in a college game, never mind the pros, many will have him pegged as a future ALL-Pro by July.
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    Re: Antonio Appleby - has anyone seen him play?

    Appleby was rated by some to be a low fifth/high sixth round pick. He's 6'3 243LBs and runs a 4.76 40. I don''t think any of the Pats rookies will be all pro their first year, unless Darius Butler is the new Devin Hester (also not likely). Appleby could be training camp fodder or he could make the roster on the basis that the Pats will not have MacKenzie and Bruschi is getting noticably slower. The consenus seems to be that he is good athlete that never fully realized his potential while at Virginia. And Al Groh may know alot more about than I do.
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    Re: Antonio Appleby - has anyone seen him play?

    jacksola, that was probably the funniest and most insightful post i've ever read on here. i assume you're specifically referring to the crable obsession, who everyone on here seems to think is a better player right now than jason taylor. meanwhile, the guy couldn't even make the game day roster last year as a 3rd round pick. 
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    Re: Antonio Appleby - has anyone seen him play?

    I saw Virginia play a few times and have no memory of the kid.  Virginia did play a 3-4 under Groh similar to Pats D, can't hurt to be a true 3-4 ILB.  There's only a handful of college teams running 3-4 these days.

    In terms of Crable, Pats basically red-shirted him.  He was a good college player with good stats.  Bill knows what he's doing, relax.

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    Re: Antonio Appleby - has anyone seen him play?

    Mr lang
     have you ever heard of IR. So get out of the floor and pick up your as that fell off. It's the last laugh that count's
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    Re: Antonio Appleby - has anyone seen him play?

    mr. ohyes, your posting was completely unintelligible. i think the first sentence about IR was a question, even though you don't know how to use a question mark. yes, i have heard of IR, which crable was placed on in week 9, after not making the game day roster before that. otherwise, i have no idea what "get out of the floor" means. and what are you talking about with the last laugh???? i love the pats and would be elated if crable has a good season. i'm just saying that he hasn't YET shown any sign as a pro that he can be an upgrade or equal to jason taylor THIS season. do you really care to argue that point mr. ohyes?
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    Re: Antonio Appleby - has anyone seen him play?

    AFAIK, he didn't "sit out" those weeks.

    It is exactly the opposite, he was held on the roster because even with Vrabel the Pats knew he could add something.

    The injury he sustained was in camp before the season, but he wasn't assigned to the IR until week nine because BB was hopeful he could return.

    They kept a long-shot to return player off the IR with a broken Tibia, and listed him as inactive gameday for eight weeks because they were hoping he could help them out.

    I think that is a big endorsement of how he was coming along in camp and in the preseason before the injury.

    As far as how this season progresses, I am pretty sure that even a platoon of these kids will net NE twice the 4 sacks they got out of Vrabel last season.
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    Re: Antonio Appleby - has anyone seen him play?

    True Crable hasn't shown any sign that he is a pro. But Taylor could justas easily be cooked. It is a crapshoot with either player IMO.

    Last season he had 3.5 sacks and had a life threatening case of compartmental syndrome. This is an injury that even when repaired can give people trouble just walking -- so playing sports is even tougher.

    There are few pros who I respect more than Taylor, but at 35 (by the start of next season) and coming off his worst year ever, and a potentially life threatening injury, he has to prove that he is still Jason Taylor before I get excited about the "name".

    Frankly, I doubt he is, based solely on the fact that he has himself said he is a part-timer at this point in his career, and the fact that the best contract he could get was around league veteran minimum. NE was the only other taker, and their offer was likely not much higher.

    Players don't play well forever. The Jason Taylor obsession seems to be like the Chad Brown thing from a few seasons ago.

    I bring up Chad Brown because it is similar. Pass rusher coming off an injury and his worst season entering the next season at the age of 35. And the Pats got nothing out of him.

    Taylor's track record means nothing at this point. It just shows us how good he was before the injury and when he was young and in his prime.

    The list of pass rushing 4-3 ends and OLBs who fell off the table at 34 or younger is long and includes players who were better and in better health than Jason Taylor.

    Thinking he is the "solution" is nearly as naive as thinking an unproven rookie is the solution as both of them are giant question marks at this point.
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    Re: Antonio Appleby - has anyone seen him play?

    I saw Appleby. He picked off Sanchez last season in the USC game. But the Cavaliers got beat up bad. I can't remember the score, but it was ugly watching a weak ACC offense try to move the ball against the USC wrecking crew defense.

    He really was never a "playmaker" in college, and isn't the "raw" athlete that could be molded into a better pro than he was a college player.

    So I have trouble getting excited over him being a playmaker in the pros.

    He is good competition for camp, he is strong and has excellent size. He is also a really smart kid, which bodes well for sticking around at ILB in this system.

    McKenzie was worth being stoked over, his injury does little to impact this simply because he wouldn't have been a starter until much later anyhow.

    Still, Appleby could be an effective running down ILB to pair with/spell Guyton with some development.
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    Re: Antonio Appleby - has anyone seen him play?

    thanks for your thoughts on seeing appleby play. hopefully he can show something in training camp and preseason. i guess we'll just have to wait and see. 
    as for the comparison of chad brown to JT, i just don't see it. first of all, Taylor has been a far better player than brown ever was. i think once brown went to seattle he was exposed as more of a stealers system guy who wasn't that great on his own. plus, he pretty much was always injured during those years, and by the time he got here he had a very long history of injuries. finally, he was thrown into the mix at ILB when he was here, whch was a total disaster. taylor, on the other hand, has had a pretty healthy career before last season. he is a far superior player to brown, and wouldnt be asked to do much here besides rush the passer. now its true you never know what you are going to get from a player before the season starts, but i think taylor would at least give the pats an opportunity to have a pass rushing dimension that they don't have right now. thats why people were hoping to get him.
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    Re: Antonio Appleby - has anyone seen him play?

    And where are you getting your information from about crable being hurt in the preseason? i never remember hearing that. i do remember that as the season got going there were a bout of questions about why he wasn't being activated to play in any games. if he had a nagging injury then i doubt those questions would have been there. at the time, as i recall, the general consensus was that he wasn't playing because other back-ups could play in the kicking game and he couldn't, and that he wasn't showing enough in practice to crack the OLB rotation. nothing about an injury. i only remember injury talk about him coming up around the colts game. and anyway the general consensus then (and now) is that he was essentially redshirted. so i'm curious where all of your alternative information is from.
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    Re: Antonio Appleby - has anyone seen him play?

    I know what I can expect from most players. I know what Sanders will give, Wilfork, Welker. Tons of players. If they are in their prime I expect them to perform similar to how they performed the previous season, barring injuries on both ends.

    I don't expect Jason Taylor to produce much this season. I would go over/under at 4 sacks as a solid vet who can help young guys along. That is just my feeling and has been since the beginning of this.

    And I was skeptical before last season, before the injury. Players get worse as they get older.

    As far as forum popularity, well there is a contingent of people that think Willie McGinest would add something here. Fans love big names despite their age.

    My thoughts on Taylor are independent of my thoughts on Crable, Woods, and TBC. Saying that I think Taylor adds nothing, isn't saying that Crabel, et al, are complete, we don't know that much.

    All I know is that they are better athletes, especially Crable, than Vrabel or Taylor at this point. Whether athletic skill can translate into playing time and sacks is another story altogether. Although Crable was fantastic at Michigan, and great in the preseason. And Woods seems very competent on third down to my eyes. He looked much quicker than Vrabel had in a season last year.

    What I am saying is that you do not know what to expect from a 35 year old palyer coming off an injury like that. I don't care if his name is Lawrence Taylor, who also took a nose dive in production in his mid-thirties.

    And going by what I saw last season in Washington, and what I know about his injury, and what I know about 35 year old DE's, I wouldn't expect much as a situational rusher or starter.

    Jason Taylor accomplished more than most people have in football. That is "accomplished" in the past tense though.

    To be honest, I don't worry about pass rushing so much. I think it will sort itself out. It is other things at OLB that worry me. Dean Pees said last season that Woods is one of the better pure rushers on the team, sort of hinting that it was other areas of his game that needed honing.

    I have been convinced for years (really since TBC was a part-timer) that Ne will sit the better pass rusher in favor of the more complete linebacker every time.

    If Taylor would have added a significant presence I think NE would have gone after him a little harder than they had.

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    Re: Antonio Appleby - has anyone seen him play?


    He was in and out of practices. The Pats are so "hushed" about injuries, that we sometimes never know. It was only this week that Maroney divulged what was wrong with him.

    He missed practices here and there with a hamstring, before succumbing to a "shin" in week 8. IIRC his last practice was Oct 8th, and he did some walkthroughs  after that. But didn't practice.And he was out for the game before the Colts game as well.

    But Reiss even brought it up last week I think, that if NE had a do-over on not placing him on IR earlier they would take it, but that Ne had been holding him out of the IR despite not being healthy enough to play.

    I just assume that something was nagging, and that it wasn't catastrophic until late. Perhaps it was shin-splints? Maybe it was a small fracture? I don't know.

    I assume something happened before he missed his first practice which was (IIRC) week one. But they could be completely unrelated.

    It just doesn't make sense to deactivate someone without placing them on the IR or on the practice squad unless you are trying to avoid placing them on IR, but not willing to hide an injured player on the practice squad. Just my guess. 

    The "redshirt" is someting you hear on this forum. If the Pats had no intention of playing him, they could have put him on the practice squad, but in general first year players don't beat out veterans here, especially when they are not special teams guys, and especially at LB, where Bill has tended to put vets over the years.

    I mean, it took a season ending injury for Duane Starks to get Hobbs some playing time his rookie season. And he was an instant upgrade as soon as he hit the field.

    So I wouldn't look on that as a judgment on Crable, except to say that Pierre Woods could also be a third down rusher and play special teams and he was healthy throughout.

    I think the tandem (plus TBC) will do much better than Vrabel did at rushing the passer next season. Ne will likely be able to double (or more) the 4 sacks they got from the strong side spot last season. That and a full healthy season from Thomas should be "enough," as Ne has never really relied on OLB blitzing anyway. At least no the way that Pitt and SD do.
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    Re: Antonio Appleby - has anyone seen him play?

    wait, so you are going from stating in your previous post that crable was injured and belichick was hoping to get him back, to assuming that he had a secret injury because maroney's shoulder was kept quiet. thats quite a leap. and the reason that the patriots could not place crable on the practice squad last year (just like they won't be able to this year with some of the higher round projects) is that a player has to be released and clear waivers before they can be signed to the practice squad. i think that the "redshirt" theory on here is a valid one. crable wasn't able to crack the line-up last season and eventually they decided they needed his roster spot. there was no chance he would clear waivers so the best thing was to just shelve him for the year. i think one aspect that should be noted is that there has been no talk of any rehab for crable, while every other player who had a major injury last season has gotten some press about their rehab and current injury situation (brady, AD, woods, neal, wheatley, rodney, maroney).
    anyway my point is that i like crable's potential, but there is a better chance that he is 2 years away and this has to be considered more of a rookie year for him. and crable was very slow to develop in michigan, despite being a blue chip recruit. so i think people on here would be wise to curb their crable enthusiasm until they see him in an NFL game that counts.