Anybody wanna talk about Camp?

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    Re: Anybody wanna talk about Camp?

    Well, at least you didn't mention Julius Peppers or Derrick Burgess. One comment, will any one of the rookie D Linemen not named Brace, get significant playing time. Why is Crable on IR/PUP ? Will he contribute this season. Who will emerge as a future WR first ? Edelman.

    Your comment about the secondary make some sense. Chung could be the starting SS by mid-season; Meriweather will be the FS and Bodden will start at CB. One of the camp battles we will see is who gets the starters spot opposite Bodden and gets PT for the nickel and dime stuff.

    I. personally, would like to see some strides made by the offensive line (TEs included) that go along way to creating a balanced attack.

    Burger, Peppers.....I have to eat !
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    Re: Anybody wanna talk about Camp?

    I'm ready. I am excited to see an improved secondary this year and hope our defense will be in the top 5 by the end of the year. Offensively I think we have the potential to bring the big numbers again but hope the O-line will be strong and not the weak link. I see Crable  and Warren on the PUP already but hope it isn't to serious.

    We will see what camp brings and can't wait for it to start!!!!!!

    Go Pats!
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    Re: Anybody wanna talk about Camp?

    hey stillballin,
    good to see you on this forum.....

    I like the physicality springs brings... his speed and durability worry me (just a little). I love the Bodden signing. He is a ballhawk when put into the right situations (in cleveland) and hopefully here

    i agree with crables overall size maybe being a concern... i do like woods to take a big step forward and banta cain to help out in spots... i would like to see someone brought in regardless
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    Re: Anybody wanna talk about Camp?

    I think that with all of the changes in the secondary, our best case scenario still has the unit struggling a bit early in the season.  Even if all of the pickups and rookies back there end up being total studs at the end of the year, the beginning of the season may hurt a bit.  You simply cannot put a bunch of talented guys together and expect instant chemistry.  (similar to when some of our all-pro olympic basketball teams got whooped) I will not be surprised if the early starters are not who we expect.  For instance, does Wilhite have more chemistry back there than one of the new veterans?

    Vrabel's and Harrison's departures will not go without any impact; especially at the beginning of the season.

    I'm all for the D peaking in November and December anyway.  I think the offense will be able to make up for the early missteps on D.  My only concern is whether or not the O can carry the D in the first few games.  I expect even Brady to have a little rust on him after both a serious injury, and a year off.  We have so many weapons on O however, that Brady could not ask for a better environment to get over his injury or shake off his rust.  I hope Brady sees some meaningful playing time in the pre-season; at least enough to shake off his rust and take some hits.  From the comments made by other players with knee injuries, he needs to take some hits and have people falling around his legs to gain his confidence back.  Harrison said this much, and he was hardly a wimp.
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    Re: Anybody wanna talk about Camp?

    Okay . . .

    What is with the snowbirds coming back and complaining about what we talk about when they're not here?

    That said, this was my favorite part of 'BALLIN's post . . .

    "I do like what Springs bring if healthy, A physical CB, who can shitdown any intermediate or short route, may not be able to run with the L.Evan's of the league."Surprised
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    Re: Anybody wanna talk about Camp?

    In Response to Re: Anybody wanna talk about Camp?:
    W-T-F is it lunch time or Lets try this one. If you could swap out any position on the roster (both offense and D) for a player from another team , who would they be and why?? Ex.  Ok, I want to replace B.Watson with Antonio Gates (understands coverages, and has great hands) Then I would swap out P.Woods for D.Ware, for obvious reasons, maybe the 20 sacks he had last year. I think this change would bring a garaunteed SB victory...
    Posted by STILLBALLIN

    I would replace Watson with anyone, same for Dave Thomas.

    I disagree about Woods, i predict him to have a great year(i hope)
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