I'm not saying I'd be completely shocked if he gets a tiny bit of jail time, but I sure will be surprised. There's a couple of factors in play, one, does he have a juvy record? The judge can certainly look at that...we keep saying he has no priors, but none of us would know his juvinelle record...the judge will. Two, did he get in any trouble as a professional last year? Three, how's his twitter and Facebook accounts look? Law enforcement can look,at his stuff and make an opinion of him that could affect his sentence. Four, the judge is going to announce his sentence in early Appril - if he gets jail time, when does that start? Does it start right away, or does he have to wait till August? Lastly, if Dennard was offered the chance to plea and turned it down, all bets are off. I can't imagine a judge would show much mercy to someone that was offered a way out, but didn't like the deal, if that's the case then I could see some jail time...three months.

honestly I think he'll get probation, a fine, and community service, but without the chance to do the community service in Mass. Nebraska could grant him the opportunity to do the service in Mass, but I imagine the judge would look soft by doing that. The judge has a lot of leeway in all of this - the type of person that Dennard is wil go a long way in determining what he gets. I imagine Dennard's body of work in Nebraska will be very heavily scrutinized over the next month.