Anyone feel bad for Seymour, Vrabel and Cassel?

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    Re: Anyone feel bad for Seymour, Vrabel and Cassel?

    I consider Bowe a weapon, he has everything you want in a receiver.  He just needs to learn to catch the easy passes and not look up field too early, that being said the Cheifs need a solid #2 receiver, a pass catching TE, and a consistent running game.

    Cassel has some protection, the Chiefs have a Solid LT that they need to build that line around, not having the 2nd rounder hurt them in the draft last year. 

    Cassel held onto the ball alot while he was in NE.  He finished the season as the 5th most sacked QB in the NFL, with the same line Brady had in 2007 and roughly the same line as Brady has now (save the past 2 games with Vollmer instead of Light).  Basically, Cassel isn't doing his O line any favors.

    They need alot of help on defense.

    The one thing that Brady always had working for him, even when he burst onto the scene was a solid O Line.  Over the years we got good WR's and a physical TE, but with quality protection I agree that Cassel would put up better numbers.

    So I guess the question really boils down to do you want an elite QB, or a QB that can put up elite numbers?  Cassel clearly can put up elite numbers, but he's only shown it with alot around him.  Let's see what he can do next year (assuming the Chiefs sure up the rest of the O Line, they certainly have the draft position to do so).
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    Re: Anyone feel bad for Seymour, Vrabel and Cassel?

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    By system QB I mean a QB that is able to work effectively within a given system, but outside of that system he is not nearly as productive. Example: Kyle Orton of the Broncos.  He was a part of the offensively dreadful Bears teams, and spent a good amount of time as a backup there because he couldn't out perform Grossman (although he did have 15 starts in 2008). In Josh McDaniels system (the same one Cassel thrived under) Orton's passer rating has rocketed up 20 points. You could take the easy way out and blame it on the receivers in place, but lets take a look at how Jay Cutler is doing in Chicago compared to his career marks. Jay's Rating has only dropped 3 points since moving to Chicago. So what we see here is a 17 point difference in passer rating that is not accounted for by the change in receiving corps in a 5th year player.  The most logical explanation for this change is the system in which Orton is playing, transitively Cassel is a system QB.  His passer rating has dropped 16 points, his TD/INT ratio has changed (from 21-11 to 8-5). We'll know more about Cassel after next season once he has learned the system he's working in, but at this point, with what we have to go on, it seems apparent that he is a system QB who benefited from the likes of Moss and Welker.  KC already has Bowe to take over the Moss role, now they need to find a Welker.
    Posted by RahZid

    I agree about system QBs, but Orton may not be the best example.  I live in Illinois (for another 10 days, then finally back to R.I.) and watched him here.  He is/was better than Rex, who was awful.  He is a good QB, but the Bears have terrible receivers coaching, terrible offensive coordinating, terrible managment and and a sub-par head choach that should go back to being some team's OC. 

    As for feeling bad for those three? 

    Seymour made his bed with his persistant hold-outs. He pretty much sleep-walked through a lot of his recent games, even in Oakland.  I heard through the grapevine that BB hates his guts and was all too glad to send him to pergatory and get a future #1.

    Vrabel was on his way to being a journeyman when the Pats rescued him.  He got two SB rings, a Pro Bowl, and handsomely paid. He could not play up to his big contract last year, so now he is reduced to mentor for a rebuilding team, a common final role for NFL vets. 

    Cassel is probably not as good as last year (Moss, Welker, Gaffney would make me look good), but better than how he is playing now.  He is a millionaire who never started a college game living in a fun city.  I would say he is doing too well for my sympathy.

    Oh yeah, why am I moving?  Finally lost my house after three consecutive years of a bad job market, stuck in a tumultuous career, with my expenses, r/e taxes and utility bills skyrocketing as my income dropped by more than 70%, chained to a house that I could not sell after restoring it these past 10 years. And no, I did not over-buy, or cash out equity. And I don't even feel bad for myself (relief is more like it), so I'll be damned before I shed a tear for these three.
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    Re: Anyone feel bad for Seymour, Vrabel and Cassel?

    I feel bad that Cassel went to a team that does not know how to win. Here is the thing, they paid Cassel like he was their guy and then their head coach came right out and said he would bench him if he had to. That is not how you build confidence in your new franchise QB. When he was in NE Belichick had his back and he started to play well. Also when you pay a QB 60 mill you need to build that team around that QB which means making Cassel teh base of your team and build from there and they have not done this. You cant expect him to play well with no O line and a coaching staff that does not support him. So yea i feel bad for Cassel. But he is in the AFC so I dont feel that bad

    Vrabel should still be a Patriot right now, no doubt about it. It was a bogus move to trade him and to such a bad team. He deserved the same respect and loyalty that Bruschi got and he didnt get it.

    And Seymore might have been a hold out kind of guy and a "pay me" kind of guy but i loved him on this team and i think we could use him right about now. I think trading him to the worst team in the league like he was Terry Glen or something was a slap in his face and i honestly feel bad about how we treated him. He is a Pats hall of famer if not a NFL hall of famer and we just slaped him in his face. I wouldnt be surprised if he hated this team from now on and that s ucks.