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Anything "negative" from the usual negative nanny crowd today?

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    Re: Anything

    Does every one use TP's initials because they subconciously link those letters to something you wipe your bum with?

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    Re: Anything

    In response to TexasPat's comment:

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    In response to TexasPat's comment:

         Yeah...the Pats crushed a 7-9 Miami team, at home. Rumor has it that The NFL play-offs have been cancelled, as the Ostrich Society had deemed the Pats World Champions!



    So, TP, what is your opinion of the Broncos who CRUSHED a 2 - 14 team at home?  Seems they have feasted on a bunch of losing teams in their 11 game winning streak whose combined records are 59 - 85.  Since you are so quick to discount the Pats win today, how say you the Broncos?

         I didn't "discount" what the Pats did. It was a solid win over a decent team...and one they had to have. But, this doesn't mean that they're going to crack heads in the play-offs. They likely will have to beat the Buzzards again, in Foxborough...and then go to Denver and take out Gomer. Speaking of, I congratulate the Broncos for their consistency. Today's win was their 11th straight. But...they really haven't beaten anybody. They'll have to beat the Pats, before I deem them a great team.


    Who do you want them to beat to get to the super bowl? The Chiefs and Jets. If they have to beat the Ravens and Broncos so be it. That sounds easier to me than the 2001 or 2004 runs to the super bowl which both came from the #2 spot.

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    Re: Anything

    In response to rtuinila's comment:

    Does every one use TP's initials because they subconciously link those letters to something you wipe your bum with?


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    Re: Anything


    You have Gisselle Bundchen, but you complain that she's not Adrianna Lima. I have Kristen Connolly and I'm complaining because she's not Anna Hutchison. 


    I'm being reasonable, you're being spoiled. 


    I dig Brunettes

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    Re: Anything

    I got nothing... The can certainly handle all of the teams in the playoffs. In order of the other teams chances of beating the Pats, I would rate the opponents Denver, Baltimore, Cinci, Indy and Houston.

    Too bad they have no shot at the Texans in the first round. My guess is they get a rematch with Baltimore this time in Foxboro and then a rematch with Denver at Mile High.

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    Re: Anything

    It was a good win, against a team that was trying.  That's always good.  It was cold weather football with the wind blowing.  That is always good.  It got us the 2 seed and the first round bye.  That's usually good.  I don't like the Nink thing, he makes things happen.  Or, made things happen.  Gronk favoring the arm was more caution than anything.  2 weeks will fix that right up.  Plus, he caught stuff.  I still am stunned that the Colts took it to Houston, and have to admire them for stopping the whole lay down/stay down thing.  Feeling good about the tighter coverage with McCourty (still got beat like a drum) and Arrington, looking forward to playing the starters next time.

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    Re: Anything

    The usual suspects were complaining the whole time in the game thread.  I'm sure Ramekap will come in here tomorrow and complain the Pats didn't sign Mario Williams, Asomugah, Joseph, Fitzgerald and Ngata in the offseason, and how even though they're not free agents and theres a cap he could have signed them all by cutting Francis, and Cole and trading a peanut butter sandwich for Fitz.


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    Re: Anything

    good win today. the defense is really putting it together, peaking for the playoffs. great to have gronk out there today, the offense is much better when he's on the field. got to feel pretty good about this team going into the playoffs. this is our year.

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    Re: Anything

    Home team won. Shut out. Offense another record setting year. 

    But let's nit pick as that was a Miami team that barely showed up. What do the Pats have to do to win the SB, as they will not be facing Tanneyhill bad decisions, nor Binns drops in the playoffs.

    1) Ninko is disheartening. It was reported hip, I heard knee. Time frame is 1 year unless he is Wes or AP. I like Scott as a straight on pass rusher, but he doesn't hold the edge like Nink, and it is imperative to win in the playoffs. Not sure what Francis can do in the playoffs. Good to see Cunningham get his snaps in and I thought he was around the QB all game

    2) Lloyd and TB still seem out of sync. Lloyd has been open, and TB is missing him. TB's body language says Lloyd is not seeing the same spot as TB. 

    3) Dolphins missed 2 TD's (maybe 3) with WR behind the defense. Manning, Luck, Flacco are not missing those opportunities

    4) Most importantly, which OL shows up for the playoffs? 

    Player of the game while it was still a game-Woodhead