Aquib Talib

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    Re: Aquib Talib

    In response to Neal Page's comment:

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    In response to Neal Page's comment:

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    In response to Neal Page's comment:

    The issue is not "fixing a problem in half a decade". If BB drafted higher for a CB like he did with McCourty and did it even higher in the draft, then he'd have a Talib type already in here.

    It's very clear he's not going to pay 10+ mil for a CB in free agency and wisely so. I don't see too many teams winning SBs in this era doing that. It's too much to put into the position where really it's about the pass rush, not a CB with a 10+ mil price tag or two of em on either side of the field.

    We're just lucky Dennard is supposedly in legal trouble and Talib fell out of favor with a very young TB team where Schiana is trying to get maturity in leadership into the locker room.

    BB, however, cannot rebuild an entire D in 3 years and he has a cap he has to be under. 

    Look no further than the Eagles. They overpaid for Samuel, he developed an attitude, they got rid of him and then they overpaid for Asamougha. Now, Andy Reid will be fired for those knee jerk moves that I specifically said will fail.   Too many mistakes in those areas add up.

    It will not work.  Samuel now makes far less and plays for a guy he knows in Dimitrioff in Atlanta, so that's worked out for them at this point because Samuel's price ended up coming way down.

    If you're not drafting a CB in the top 10-15 picks,  you aren't getting an elite one.  BB believes his D starts on the front 7 and I agree with that. It's clear Butler and Wheatley and now Dowling aren't Patriot material as 2nd rders, so I am just thrilled BB is looking under every rock to successfully build his teams. I don't care how it happens.

    Could be a lot worse, we could be trying to justify why paying Revis and Cromartie is a good thing as Kylie Wilson struggles as a 1st rd pick.




    Really? Wasn't Bodden's contract for 35 million? Seems like a bit of money to shell out for a guy that after he signed the contract didn't play more than five minutes of quality football for us before being released. I do think you are correct - we COULD of gotten a quality coner higher in the draft - instead we traded back for bushels of second round picks that went bust.

    And the "rebuilding" of this defense has gone on for a bit more than 3 years, we are into the fifth year of this thing. To me this defense looks no better than last year, or the year before or the year before. Same stuff. Same gaps a mile wide in coverage. Same lack of a pass rush. Same defensive line that consists of Wilfork and little else. What will happen when Brady carries us into the post season and our defense let's "fill in the blank decent QB" stand there comfy, while he picks us apart for scores? I guess we'll just blame Brady, right?

    I wish you were right Rusty, I really do, but you're not. Come January this defense will be punched repeatedly in the face (like every year) will take a dropped pass or a penalty to stop drives and those things aren't always going to happen. Spikes will try hard, so will Wilfork. Chandler will play well and maybe Hightower too, but there are too many stiffs on this defense to make up for their efforts. Brady will have to play perfect against some of the best teams in the league...hard to do. 

    You're a pathetic fraud. You are still taking this Felger/Mazz tone after your favorite D in Houston that you like to hitch your bandwagon to, just allowed 37 points at home to Jax and then just got bailed aby the refs yesterday, allowing 30+ in Detroit?

    You're still on the Bodden thing, too? When will you get over that? No, it wasn't 35 million.  Injuries happen. Brady blew out his leg in 2008, too. Good thing he wasn't making the 20 mil per then, right? It was 10 million guaranteed, certainly not far off from the slight miscalculation on Mankins's current contract, but certainly nothing remotely as putrid as the Jets NUMEROUS contractual disasters you seem to praise so frequently with RKarp and Babe.

    Brady just needs to not morph into Mark Sanchez in January and February with brain faht moments. That's what he needs to do. No one is asking for perfection from your virtual boyfriend.

    We'll win a SB with Brady handing off to Ridley and Bolden/Vereen more so than me covering my eyes watching him close in on 40+ with a lead.

    You sound as delusional as Rex Ryan, Mike Tannenbum and every moron Jets fan combined right now. You're just flat out a sick human being.

    You really amaze me when you mention Jet's players that I've never ever mentioned...well you don't really amaze me. Ditto for Houston. Houston is a good team, they're 10 and 1...what they're not good?

    Don't go confusing Mark Sanchez and one decent tight end vs. Stafford, Calvin Johnson and Pettigrew.

    I'm sorry that I'm not wetting my pants and yelling "the warnings were out people" after we could barely get our hands on Sanchez and let him stay that comfy in the pocket for him to throw the ball as good as he basically can. Nor do I feel real comfortable about watching our defensive line get pushed back on 80% of the running plays. What's going to happen when we face a team that has a QB or a real running back?

    Sorry, like I said I wish it were different. I wish it wasn't Vince Wilfork playing his brains out while Kyle Love is getting tossed around like a rag doll. I wish it wasn't Spikes playing like he is totally dialed in to what is going to happen before the ball is snapped, while Mayo isn't moving until we are two seconds into the play. I wish it wasn't Dennard and Talib while our safeties are a mile apart trying to find the ball, but it is. It's Chandler Jones rushing the passer and Ninkovich getting absolutely swallowed by every no name tackle he goes against. And I don't care if he has 6 sacks - for god's sake the QB literally fell into him on 2 of them.

    Sorry this is all super negative after a big win. Hey, I guess I'll just appreciate whatever happens, but part of me still thinks we are Tom Brady and little else. I still think we should of spent to the cap and given ourselves a better chance while Brady is still here. This defense still looks like one that will get punched in the mouth come playoff time by a good offense, I hope I am wrong.


    Trust me when I say you're wrong. You're also one of the more miserable Boston sports fans I've ever encountered. You're the bald, fat, old guy at the end of the bar trying to tell everyone younger than you how bad everything in the present is, and how much better it was in your day. lmao

    Did you see the 2 4th down stands the D had?

    Who cares if the Pats gameplan allowed NY to run the ball somewhat effectively? The end result was utter domination.

    You don't understand the game of football at all. At all.  Listen to yourself.  I have no idea how anyone here can side with your miserable self.

    Guess what? It's you, Bdberu, Babe, TripleOg/Shizzly, RKarp and Pezzy left in your little group.  Forgive me if I am forgetting another drippy pink hat. Also, you keep claiming you don't mention Jets players but you'e in another thread raving about Wilkerson, who did nothing whatsoever of substance, yet again!

    What is with you and RKarp obsessing over average or bad Jets players and then slamming the good ones on D here???!

    Listen, why don't we just keep it to football rather than trying to turn it into a popularity contest...there already is threads 600 posts deep filled with people that can't stand you. Besides I'm not old or bald.

    By the way you just kind of said the game plan allowed the jets to run the ball effectively. Think about that for a second. What type of game plan would Belichick devise that would allow that? It's not like we were facing Manning or Joe Montana, I mean what else were we so worried about?

    I know you probably wet your pants after the 4th down stops late in the game while we were leading by 40 points and the Jets quit, I liked it too. Do you think that would happen against a good team in the playoffs when the game means something? Maybe, who knows?

    Two weeks ago you were saying you wish Brady could play like Alex Smith, what's Smith up to nowadays? Oh yeah, he just got benched. Geez, I'm miserable about our defense that is 5 years in the "rebuilding" phase and you're wishing we could replace our Hall of Fame quarterback with a backup! You're wicked smart! You must have a "150 IQ". LMAO.

    Hey, you still want to trade Brady like you did after he threw his second pick of the season? Bawahahaha. You are a dope.


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    Re: Aquib Talib

    I'm almost afraid to post this because its so outrageous compared with the team's recent history, but as I said last night, my hope is that we are beginning to see the beginings of a smashmouth defense. They were hitting harder and blanketing the field better than I've seen them since 2004. 

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    Re: Aquib Talib

    In response to murghkhor's comment:

    1. I didn't notice him throughout the whole game yesterday. 

    2. I think that's a very good thing.

    Solid pick-up so far. Any chances of securing this guy long-term if he continues to perform or will Pats stick to never paying more than $3-4m for corners and giving up gazillions of yards to long hops. Maybe both can meet half-way? I'd love to have this guy for $7m per year. 

         Got to admit that I was highly skeptical of the Talib pick-up. But, it appears that the guy has stabilized the secondary, since his arrival.   

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    Re: Aquib Talib

    If you guys want to crown him then crown him but it's relatively easy playing one dimensional defense in back to back blow outs. I was very happy with the Talib pick up but even Arrington looked like a pro bowler last night. Lets wait until Schaub before getting too overconfident.