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Aquib Talib

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    Re: Aquib Talib

    I'm almost afraid to post this because its so outrageous compared with the team's recent history, but as I said last night, my hope is that we are beginning to see the beginings of a smashmouth defense. They were hitting harder and blanketing the field better than I've seen them since 2004. 

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    Re: Aquib Talib

    In response to murghkhor's comment:

    1. I didn't notice him throughout the whole game yesterday. 

    2. I think that's a very good thing.

    Solid pick-up so far. Any chances of securing this guy long-term if he continues to perform or will Pats stick to never paying more than $3-4m for corners and giving up gazillions of yards to long hops. Maybe both can meet half-way? I'd love to have this guy for $7m per year. 

         Got to admit that I was highly skeptical of the Talib pick-up. But, it appears that the guy has stabilized the secondary, since his arrival.   

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    Re: Aquib Talib

    If you guys want to crown him then crown him but it's relatively easy playing one dimensional defense in back to back blow outs. I was very happy with the Talib pick up but even Arrington looked like a pro bowler last night. Lets wait until Schaub before getting too overconfident.