Are The Patriots Better Today..?

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    Re: Are The Patriots Better Today..?


    QB - Tom and the players behind him seasoned = upgrade
    RB - Ridley/Vareen is an upgrade to Law Firm in terms of talent, and there is a roster space open for a vet = upgrade
    TE - Same unit with Fells added = upgrade
    OL - Same unit assuming Waters comes back, but Solder is starting and Cannon is healthy, add Gallery for depth and the league's best O line probably just got better = upgrade
    WR - same unit with Lloyd = upgrade


    DL - if Warren returns and/or a tackle is taken within the first two picks then this is an upgrade. Fanene replaces Ellis who gets cut hopefully and he is a younger, bigger addition to the rush end position. Warren remains on the team or on speed dial (retirement) = upgrade

    LB - If Andre Carter resigns it is the same starting unit from last year with added pieces. Scott off the bench shouldn't be a downgrade from Anderson and there is a likelihood Cunningham/Carter contributes or BB drafts another guy or grabs a vet cut after camp from another team. = upgrade

    Corner - This season will be better than last assuming Will Allen makes it through camp healthy. This unit is much maligned even though the problem should probably be attributed to the front not reaching opposing QB's and having all day to throw as well as poor safety play.  I don't see many Corner units better than ours when healthy.

    Safety - Gregory is a marked improvement over IIgebo, Barret and Brown, there's no denying that sight unseen because it couldn't get any worse than those guys. He at least knows angles and flies around like a little missile out there, though he is more corner than safety, with Chung they should be in all the right places come next season.  = upgrade

    Again realize that we're having this conversation PRIOR to the draft and with two first round picks and two second round picks added, anyway you slice it we're better off because our young defense is a year older and the offense has only gotten better as long as it remains healthy.  

    The biggest addition might be Josh McDaniels who may help us find our way back to balance. = upgrade
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    Re: Are The Patriots Better Today..?

    In Response to Re: Are The Patriots Better Today..?:
    I guess the mistake that I made was answering the question that was posed:  Are the Patriots better today than last year's team?  It seems that the question many posters want answered is:  Have the Patriots addressed all of their perceived deficiencies?  With respect to the question originally posed:  Yes, they have made some improvements and I think they are better, certainly not done, but better. With respect to the question that many seem to want answered:  Of course not.
    Posted by ATJ

    No need to apologize, no mistakes were made on your part.  You're right, maybe on paper we are a better team on paper - and, yes, I don't think their deficiencies were addressed either.....yet.  I'm still optimistically hopeful....