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    In Response to Re: ARE WE DONE AT LINEBACKER?:
    Worst defenses?   3rd down, sure. But, worst? They created far too many turnovers and led the NFL in points allowed in December. Not sure it's "worst". I mean, give me 14 points through 3 qtrs in a playoff game with this offense, any day of the week. It's odd how harsh some fans are with this VERY young D last year.  They won a boatload of close games and grew as the year went on.
    Posted by RidingWithTheKing

    We're always harsh because we always want to win and expect great things. I think BB did a pretty solid job stitching that defense together, especially at the end of the year when we had so much youth + injuries, guys missing time.

    I bet dollars to donuts that last year's defense would look a lot different if we had a pass rush. Now that we do (on paper), I can only imagine how good we could be. Better secondary, better Dline, more experience in the middle...Top to bottom this D has improved least on paper.
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    In Response to Re: ARE WE DONE AT LINEBACKER?:
    Yes, but why is it that people expect a SB defense overnight?  How is that rational? You have a bunch of rookies starting or 2nd year players...??? McCOurty, Spikes, Cunningham, Chung, Brace, or FA pick up Gerard Warren learning 3-4 as the season progressed. Even Deaderick was starting at one point. Nink played a lot more in his first extended time as 3-4 OLB. Arrington? A street pick up who never started at CB in his life. Why would anyone expect a locked down D last year? That's the point. If you were, you need to temper expectations, probably with everything you analyze, not just the Pats. It's like thinking the remake of the Bad News Bears or Arthur will be even remotely as good as the original versions. Forget it.
    Posted by RidingWithTheKing

    Emotions and logic/rationale are 2 different things Russ. We all want (based on emotions) the team to do well, high expectations, etc. Couple this with each of the guys you name above (less Arrington, Deaderick and Nink) were high/mid 2nd round picks. Expectations are supposed to be high for these guys. Maybe a bit too high for year 1 or 2, so maybe expectations were too high last year.

    Them coming into year 2 and 3 (even with a collapsed off season), they all should be hitting on somewhat full cylinders come the 2nd 1/3 of the season. This is when I expect this defense to really take off...sometime around game 5 or 6. is it too much to expect great things from 5 2nd round picks? (Spikes, Brace, Butler, Cunningham, Chung)
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    GET HIM FROM THE GMEN BEFORE ITS TOO LATE!!! Everyone has a price...2nd and 4th rounder!
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    There was nothing logically emotional about watching a terrible quarterback beat you at home, when we had two weeks to prepare. Nor was there anything real good about having the worst third down defense that this franchise has seen since 1972. You take away Bill's coaching and Brady and the defense would have been even worse. Could you picture Brad Childress coaching that defense last year? Don't worry about them being the worst third down defense...Chilli would of had them losing in every down. And what if Chad Henne was our starting QB? You would of seen teams beat us in a lot more than just third downs, because they wouldn't be playing catch up.

    You think Belichick is bringing in half the league for tryouts because we had a good defense last year? You think he might change a defensive philosophy around a bit because we were headed in the right direction during our "rebuilding" phase? Doesn't matter if you're young or old in the NFL, if your not very good, your not very good. This isn't hockey...there's no 5 year plan's way too fluid.  
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    It's a good point Russ, bringing it back on the offense. I think the D gave us about everything they were capable of to keep the Jets at 14 in the 4th.

    Are we going to jump back on the O'Brien hate train again here? If I remember correctly, that drive to nowhere as you say, was comprised of terrible play calling as was that entire game almost. Sure, BRady and company could have executed better, and if they did we probably win, but I thought the play calling was atrocious especially given how the Jets D was shutting down our passing game...
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    In Response to Re: ARE WE DONE AT LINEBACKER?:
    I didn't expect rookies and 2nd year players, minus Wilfork and Mayo, to become a SB defense.  You did and that's your mistake.   You probably thought by selling off Seymour and Vrabel that NE was really going for it all, too, right, Mt. Hurl?  Don't put rebuilding in quotes again, because you look silly doing it. He wasn't going to spend a lot of money in an uncapped year for what he did this year out of a lockout. You don't know more than Kraft/BB/Reese/Caserio. He's doing what he did right now because of the lockout. How hard is this to understand?  Many understood it and accepted it. And who said Deadrick, Brace, etc, as young as they are SB ready players? Who said they were pass rushers? Or Jermaine Cunningham learning OLB in a 3-4 as a rookie? As for the playoff game, last time I checked, it was 14-11 in the 4th qtr and the drive to nowhere wasn't the D's fault, nor was the bad INT or dropped TD pass.  All on the O there. It's HIGHLY irrational to lash out at a young, inexperienced D and ignore the warts the offense showed in that game. It makes zero sense. We lost the game due to turnovers and failed offensive execution. The Green Bay Packers weren't starting rookies all over their defense nor did their offense turn it over in the SB.  Use context or you look a little silly being that enraged over something that was never going to be built within a season.
    Posted by RidingWithTheKing

    Uhm how can I phrase this in a serious manner....are you on crack?

    Boo who I'm lashing out at a young defense that is "rebuilding". Do you know anything at all about football? Certainly nothing about the nfl. Stick to high school football...ok Pharmaceutical "Liberal Arts Degree" rep. This is the NFL. Have you looked at any NFL rosters? Do they look a we bit different in your Lindsy Football Preview from the previous year? Teams have to change/rebuild every single damn year...every single one. Hell most teams find themselves rebuilding after the second week of the season after their better laid plans are washed out from a knee injury or two.

    Last year during the pre season you said our defense was going to be fine after they got carved up by a rookie Sam Bradford. Guess what? It never stopped...all the way till the embarrassing flip in mid field by Braylon Edwards.  

    Teams with Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and 1 thousand draft choices aren't supposed to be rebuilding, they're supposed to be playing in the Super Bowl. Who in the lord's name said we're rebuilding? Belichick must of dialed you up and told you to spread it around, because no one else from anywhere within 300 miles of Patriot Place has said it.
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    Oh and Rustarteutical, next time you tell everyone in the world how we're just going to roll over the jets in the playoffs...face the music like the rest of us on this board did. Better to do that than to come back three weeks later with a different profile...loser.

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    For those not paying attention to the NFL news: Roth signed with the JAGS because he's just another guy....