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Are you in favor of the Seymour trade?

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    Re: Are you in favor of the Seymour trade?

    The "Cat" knows all...please let me know anything you need to know about the Patriots.  The "Cat" will educate you.  Seymour blows, Bruschis all done, and Maroneys a bust......Its the Mayo era......The "Cat" knows...please let me know, and I will reveal all....Grrrrrr....^..^  --Big Cat
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    Re: Are you in favor of the Seymour trade?

    In Response to Re: Are you in favor of the Seymour trade?:
    I don't see it that way at all, dogg. The notion that this move is in any way a "surrender" is patently laughable. Frankly, I don't see a dominant team in either conference and, while I am concerned that the same thing that happened two years ago is getting ready to happen again -- that being a juggernaut offense that wrecks the regular season and gets b*tch-slapped in the playoffs -- I still see the Pats crunching the division and probably entertaining the notion of a bye in the playoffs.  The thing about the "Belichick" way is that the picks keep coming, and they get rolled over, and they get traded for other picks, and unless you're one of these lifeless fantasy geeks or a complete stathead, you never really know what you got for what guy or which pick represents whom or . . .   you know . . .   what is actually going on. But to think that this is Belichick throwing in the towel for this season? Well . . .   underdogg . . .   even for you . . .   that's retarded.
    Posted by prairiemike

    Should I call you MVPKilla for the last comment?

    I don't think that I suggested that Belichick was throwing in the towel, but what if Seymour ends up being a key missing link to your superbowl run?  Was the compensation (which is all this is) worth it? 

    Sometimes you gotta dance with who brought ya.  If Belichick felt stacked enough to do without him now, then I think his team would have been better this year with him.  Additionally, letting seymour go next year via free agency without compensation would not have left the team barren. 

    The defense is what has hurt the pats the past few years, and I am not sure the finger for that can be pointed at Seymour.  So why give away one of the good pieces if you can have it one more year? 

    Any coach obviously knows more than me, so maybe there is something wrong with Seymour, but on the face of it, this just looks like a comp move that makes your team look worse today.  

    And not seeing even the basic reasoning for my thoughts is well... prairiemike... even for you... retarded.
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    Re: Are you in favor of the Seymour trade?

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      Why is it that most of you love our players when they are here, then act like are so disposable when BB ships them out of town? We just lost a valuable plus piece to our increasingly shaky defense. In exchange for a maybe rookie who starts his career in 3 years?
    Posted by BostonBobBlowhard

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    Re: Are you in favor of the Seymour trade?

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    In Response to Re: Are you in favor of the Seymour trade? : Are you crazy???...This team will rifle through the NFL like a knife through butter.  The " Cat" says 14-2 to 16-0.  Dude do your research before you post idiotic posts like this.  The Pats are the cream & the Steelers are the dung in the corner of the stall.  Wake up & realize the "Cat" knows, and the Pats rule.  ^..^ --Big Cat
    Posted by bigcat572001

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    Re: Are you in favor of the Seymour trade?

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    Hold on let me adjust my shoulder pads.......   ^..^ --Big Cat
    Posted by bigcat572001

    Seriously? You take the nickname "Big Cat" and sign with a quasi-emoticon? 

    You don't mean a big angry lion or panther or something, right? You must mean the fat, over-furred thing that lies around the living room.


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    Re: Are you in favor of the Seymour trade?

    In Response to Re: Are you in favor of the Seymour trade?:
    In Response to Re: Are you in favor of the Seymour trade? : Let me qualify this by saying I think Belichick is brilliant and that I expect his mad scientist play to ultimately deliver once again that secret successful formula - BUT: I think the "current" belichick is developing a reputation as a stockpiler of picks which guarantees only one thing - future picks.  Substituting potential for actual in our immediate gratification society is called a pipe dream.  It seems that Belichick may be asking for patience while his splendid stew simmers.  But are pats fans patient enough to wait around for 2010 or beyond?   Maybe Belichick thinks the Steelers, Chargers and Colts are too much to handle this year.  How does that make you feel?  If I were pats fans, I'd hope for some immediate use of all those future picks this year to acquire a player now that can help your team now.  But that's just my opinion.
    Posted by underdogg

    Yes underdog, Belichick thinks that the Steelers, Chargers and Colts are too much. His competitive fire has left him after 40 years of coaching. He traded a player for a first rd draft pick so he is clearly giving up. Good one bud. How does a statement like that make me feel? It makes me feel like you are just another jealous troll and if any of your other  3000 posts had been insightful or intellectual dialogues then you have discredited yourself with this off the wall and ridiculous statement. 
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    Re: Are you in favor of the Seymour trade?

    Here is a unique perspective on the trade.

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    Re: Are you in favor of the Seymour trade?

    I'm always a bit nostalgic to begin with, so certainly seeing Seymour being shipped off jabs that nostalgia just enough to make it wince. Same with the Vrabel trade. Regardless of who gets traded, there will always be a little "ooouch, that stings a little..." when you're dismantling an aging team that has won so much for us and start putting new pieces in. It's like taking out an old trusty engine you had in your hot rod that has taken you so many places in your life that you'll always remember...but you know the time has come to put in something faster and not so worn down.

    Okay, that said...the Seymour trade is perfect. Ever since our last super bowl, our defense has looked a little shaky and old for years now. Despite so many critics pointing this out, Bill still let the defense play on through the "almost perfect" season (in which the defense lost in the SB game, as we all have tried to forget) and the year after (the one that was supposed to reap retribution but that dream ended the second Brady hit the turf holding his knee). They went from a team that could win on defense with last-second heroics from Brady and Vinatieri to a defense that would get worked to the goal line but had just enough in the tank to stop them from jacking up the scoreboard (but still required the offense to score a lot of points in order to win). Bill let them play - but when he decided to rebuild, he REALLY kicked into high gear. Seymour is in his last year and he's to an age where he's going to want that last big contract based on his career achievements. To say that we need him this year and point out what a vital part of the defense he is seems to be giving too much regard to the great memories we have with him helping us win three superbowls and less to the last three mediocre injury-prone seasons he's had. To get a first round pick is sort of surprising. Seymour has played a full 16 game season only TWICE in his eight year career. I think Pats fans would be MORE divided if we had resigned him to a presumably even bigger deal at the end of the year, which could possibly alienate the possibility of resigning Wilfork.

    So, at the end of the's a great decision. It's totally logical, which is what running a football team takes. When you start to make decisions with emotion (ie: sticking with an aging defense because of their past greatness) you get to a point where you can't see the signs that your team is falling apart. Bill is doing what he needs to do before the team gets to a point where it becomes a bonified "rebuilding" team, when it takes years to start seeing positive results from a completely rebuilt team. It's better to retool and inject youth into a healthy experienced team than have to rebuild and bring all that youth up the hard way. The only thing I don't like is to see a player who has done so much get traded rather than play out his days as a Patriot and retire here - like Bruschi or Brown. However I'm afraid that's just my nastalgia trying to find a "win" for the good guys. I'm not sure if I'm happy for Seymour that he's going to Oakland (where careers go to die - many never make it out alive...) but he just has to play the year out and then he gets to sign with whomever he wants, just like he would if he had played here. I hope he does well regardless (unless he eventually signs with the Jets, Bills, Dolphins, Colts, or Chargers though! :P). We don't play the Raiders this year anyways, so there won't be a "sour grape" game unless they make the playoffs, which is HIGHLY unlikely.

    As far as all this talk about the Patriots being a worse team this year because of it - shenanigans. After losing the perfect season, all you ever HEARD was how bad the defense was - especially with Asante Samuel leaving and the CB squad generally being devastated. THEN Tom goes down and a guy whose never thrown an NFL (or a NCAA) pass in his life takes up QB. Through it all, we go a very respectable 11-5. This year our CB situation looks vastly improved verses last year and we had a great draft with some guys who look ready to play (and Mayo now ready to start the season off as a true veteran). We're generally in a much better situation as a whole than we were last year. Maybe we'll lose a few because of the defensive line - but it won't look any different or worse than the last few years - especially last year when we lost to the Dolphins, Chargers, Colts AND Jets (anyone remember that 38-13 blowout in week 3 last year by the Dolphins? Tell me again how "solid" we were with Seymour...).

    For all we know, Bill may have some trade idea cooked up utilizing all the picks he has in his pocket that puts a playmaker on defense to make it better in the short term. If not, then we all know what a great draft coach he is, so things are GOOD in Patriot-land, honestly. Whether we "make do" with a B defense for a few years or find ourselves pleasantly surprised (although we shouldn't be with a mind like Belichik running the team - shame on us!) with a young, underrated, hungry A defense...fact is, the team is tooled to perform excellent in the next 5-10 years. That's definitely something to sleep easy about! :)
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    Re: Are you in favor of the Seymour trade?

    I was a shocked as the rest of you, but after thinking over all the angles, I think that it is going to work out in our favour.
    However, how much improvement does everyone see Oakland making over this season and next?
    Could our new 1st round pick drop from as possible Top 5-Top 10 pick... or could we be looking at the back end of the draft?
    Can Oaklands new defence get them in better positions to win more games???
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    Re: Are you in favor of the Seymour trade?

    "If I were pats fans" 

    Since you're not, why are you trolling here, trying to whip up some type of frustration. I haven't wasted a moment of my life in a Steelers fan forum nor have I ever tried to answer the question "If I were a Steeler fan."

    But If I were a Steeler fan, I'd probably avoid this forum knowing that sooner or later someone is going to mention that the Steelers only seem to find a way to win the Superbowl when they don't have to go head to head with the Pats. You should be happy about any move that you perceive makes the Pats a weaker team and leave it at that. But no, you want to pick at the scab. Well, it's been picked. Better hope you don't run into us in the playoffs, never seems to work out for you.
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    Re: Are you in favor of the Seymour trade?

    Chris Mortensen: "A lot of talk around the NFL that Seymour was not worth a 1st round pick" via Twitter