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    In response to BostonProSportsLover's comment:

    what should become of a monster like this? just amazing. he punched one of the vics in the stomach to end 4 of her pregnancies. at least one of his daughters has the sense to b outraged rather than to defend her father "for he never did that to me, and doesnt sound like the lovin guy i always knew" nonsense that often comes with these cases. these poor women, grabbed in their physical primes and forced to spend them being a torture and sexuall slave to absolute monsters lead by this creep. my fear is that there are more of these places all over the US. everyone minds their own biz, hear and see nothin.. with maximal freedom, cops leave u alone. what if he were richer or the son of the police chief and what not? how about all the illegal women who cant risk going to the cops or their families doing so? i have a feelin this is a silent epidemic.

    another sad part is that one of the girl's best friends was his own daughter. just sad! this will b a movie, the MONSTER FUNGUS AMONGST US! what should become of such a monster? jeffrey dahmer and father kagan got real justice by nature! this animal also had the nerve to get close to the family and mom of one of the gals he had enslaved. while comforting mom, he's at home exploiting her daughter. listen folks, if there's an uncle or aunt somewhere who wouldnt allow u near a basement, attic or upstairs section, b very suspicious, very..... this sadist went to vigils, played music and even helped to search for her.

    Let's hope your wrong but with as many whack jobs as we have today you might be right!

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    sooooo what time is dumerville and Tebow walking thru the door again?  Weren't you posting about he 3 girls you had tied up in your moms basement yesterday that got deleted?  You should be punched in the face. post your crap on tmz. 

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