Armstead Unlikely To Play

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    Re: Armstead Unlikely To Play

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    Once Vareen was healthy, he took the majority of Woodhead's snap counts.

    Vereen was always higher than Woodhead on the depth chart, but Vereen couldn't stay healthy. They brought in Washington to become Vereens backup because they knew there was a risk Vereen wouldn't stay healthy so it was a Washington for Woodhead swap and they were gambling Vereen would be healthy to the point where the backup wouldn't need to make an impact. Well they lost that gamble

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    Re: Armstead Unlikely To Play

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    PatsEng has been decidedly anti Pats front office for a while now. He tends to project things in the worst possible light. He also uses 20-20 hind sight like people can predict the future. Cases in point:

    Washington for Woodhead is rediculous.

    Please explain how that is rediculous. Vereen and Woodhead were both around last year and Vereen hasn't been healthy during his time with the Pats. It's clear they wanted to get a backup for him which is why they got Washington so Washington for Woodhead is the right comparison to make.

    Amendola for Welker is also rediculous since Welker wasn't going to stay a Pat no matter how much money the Pats threw his way.

    Again please explain why this is rediculous. You have no more proof saying he wouldn't sign no matter what then I do if they made him a better offer. So if you judge that as rediculous then your statement is just as rediculous.

    A Wilson a seriously bad decision? He cost the team nothing and probably taught the young guys a thing or three while here.

    He cost the team $1.5mil in cap space and the potential of adding a different player to the roster that could have helped them. Not to mention dead money next year if they cut him. How is that nothing?

    Kelly was good till he got injured, injuries happen and contrary to his belief, cannot be predicted. Actually using his logic, Mayo, Wilfork, Brady, Gronk and Vollmer were all bad decisions.

    I said Kelly was just bad luck and have said it was a good signing

    Need I say more?

    Call it 20/20 but since this offseason I said repeatedly I thought A. Wilson wasn't a good signing, that I didn't like swapping Woodhead for Washington, and that Amendola was a bad signing over Welker because of injury concerns. I have no clue how you call it hindsight when I said this stuff last March before the start of the season but by all means if saying something before it happens is hindsight I guess I have hindsight. But, I have it out for the front office. Truthfully after all these years on this board and rooting for the Pats I'm negative not because I saw faults and mistakes which have hurt the team but because I have it out for the FO. Yep, you caught me

    Pats Eng, are you sure you are not RKarp? Your views sound a lot like his.

    Isnt the free agency situation year over year, last years list looks even worse than this years, at the crux of the BB criticism? I find the free agency decisions much, much more questionable than the draft picks.

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    Re: Armstead Unlikely To Play

    From today's Herald: I wanted to see what both could do.  Things could change but it doesn't look good right now.


    ....Defensive lineman Armond Armstead (non-football illness list, infection) and wide receiver Mark Harrison (non-football injury list, broken foot) were not present. The deadline for the players to begin practicing is this week or they will be officially out for the remainder of the season.

    There is no optimism around the team that either player will be ready to go.

    - See more at:

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    Re: Armstead Unlikely To Play

    myI my beef with BB this offseason was restructuring Brady and not getting more then kelly for DT.  I don't count a Canadian player with a known medical condition.  IMO when BB drafts D linemen he kills it. I'd be happy to use picks 1,2,3,4 on d line or o line and use 5-7 on fliers and get the rest in FA 

    we need d line and soon enough o line.