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Arrington vs Butler

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    Arrington vs Butler

    I have seen a lot of articles and post about how these two are battling for the nickel spot. Butler has the potential and tools to be a gamer in the NFL but I think people should stop looking past Kyle Arrington. Arrington played OK as the right corner last year and got beat at times, but he always seemed to be in the right spot but he just was athletic or had the right instincts to make the play on the ball. But he's progressing, his first year in the NFL he was only a special teamer and played in only half the games. Last year he made a giant leap and became an average starting CB on a team that had lots of trouble putting pressure on the QB.

    It seemed that when he was beat last year it was by receiver that went over the top of him and made a play in the corner of the endzone. 

    Arrington played the slants, out routes and hitches very well. One thing that can be said about him was that he makes the tackle and that he's very physical. Physical enough that I remember BB lining him up at DE last year to put pressure on the QB. 

    Now I may be wrong but I think we could have something special here with our CB unit. McCourty is top notch and should improve to be a top CB. Bodden has been lights out according to everything I've read about practices thus far. And I think Arrington will thrive playing in the nickel where he will see smaller receivers, running many in and out cuts which could favor Arrington. i also think he will be able to play the run very strong with his quickness, strength, and ability to tackle.  

    Now I'm not writing Butler off but his lack to play physical and and tackle I just feel very comfortable with what we have in Arrington. 
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    Re: Arrington vs Butler

    Arrington.....I'm not a fan of the Big East bust.  I went through the Playoff thread the other day and on at least 3 occasions I call him out in posts for giving up easy receptions.

    Don't get me wrong, the guy would be great if the norm was to constantly be 3 steps behind the guy your covering.
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    Re: Arrington vs Butler

    Not even a race....Butler will play dime back or possibly be cut...Ras-I hasnt seen the field yet and guys like Lockett and S.Brown can fill in at Cb and also play special teams.. Wilhite is on some special teams too...doesnt look good for Butler but he may stick one more year due to being a 2nd rd pick..

    this should be our best secondary since 2004, but in 03, we really had a solid duo of Poole and Law.  I see that w/ Bodden and Mcourty and with Arrington going from starter to nickel, only makes us stronger...but we will play a lot of 3 safety in our nickel to prevent against sub package runs, or move Bodden inside