Assessing Bears Game

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    Re: Assessing Bears Game

    Fish - Welcome aboard. Im still not 100% sold on the Bears, but they do have a lot of good players. I dont see how a QB (Cutler) can learn how to go from 4 interceptions a game to 0 interceptions a game in a matter of weeks. Sure, he was bound to improve, but thats nuts!

    Being a road game in Chicago, and knowing how important it is for Chicago, we should bet on a close game. I wouldnt be surprised to see the Bears leading even in the second half. If the Pats maintain their superior ball control, and low penalty calls, there probably isnt a way for the Bears to beat the Pats. The Pats weakness is still a high-octane passing team, and the Bears are not really that team.

    For some reason, as a Pats fan, I am really worried about the game in Buffalo. Buffalo is playing tough and with a nothing-to-lose attitude. Aaron Rogers and Green Bay will also be a challenge, since the Packers (like the Pats) make very few mistakes.

    Keep in mind, the Pats only gained 130 more yards on the Jets this week (during the blowout) and they gained in the 28-14 loss to the Jets several weeks ago. Turnovers and mistakes make all the difference.
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    Re: Assessing Bears Game">

    Few Snow Showers / Wind
    Few Snow Showers / Wind

    Precip:   30%

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    Re: Assessing Bears Game

    My assessment is another patriots victory