At the game yesterday and have some bad news

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    At the game yesterday and have some bad news

    Guys I was at the game and my main observation is that if Chad Henne had been a QB with a few years of experience he would have EASILY thrown for 450-500 yards. At least 10 different plays Henne either did not see the open man or made a terrible throw to the open man. The point being I have never seen a group of wr's/te's/rbs get open more then the Dolphins did yesterday.

    Obviously the ZERO pressure against Henne did not help but our corners(yes even Bodden) were getting beat on there matchups all day long. The defense seems to be regressing. I really believe we played better defense the first few games which makes no sense.

    On offense I still say the play calling is the problem. After we embarrassed them on the Moss td to open things up the Dolphins had a safety play over Moss on every single play. We could not take advantage of the mismatch after that. Only Aikens td which was a direct result of the safety on the other side of the field in front of Moss. We abandoned Maroney in the second half and obviously not kicking a fg at the end of the half was the game.

    The interception in the endzone was the only time Moss appeared to be single covered. Brady was so excited he rushed the snap and tried a quick pass which  ended up being way too low.

    We lacked sound coaching on offense and deeply miss having solid TE play or consistent 3rd wr play but in the end the defense is the worst I've seen since 2002.

    Hopefully Taylor,Vollmer and Edelmann can inject some variety into our offense because we will need to score 35 plus points a game in the playoffs...if we get there at all.
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    Re: At the game yesterday and have some bad news

    The 2002 comparison is extremely astute. Both teams appeared spoiled by success. Though why this team is spoiled for something 2 years ago is beyond me.
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    Re: At the game yesterday and have some bad news

    I saw those passes that Henne missed, too, although I argue that this Patriots defense was so bad that he ended up getting those yards anyway.

    If Henne threw an incompletion on 2nd down, he ended up getting the yards on 3rd down regardless.  There were few missed passes that could have been completed by him that resulted in punts (believe it or not, there were few occasions where the secondary was able to cover for more than 3 seconds).

    Either way, we've already seen what QBs who don't miss can do.