I know they win a lot of games on a consistent basis


I think a legitimate argument can be made that these Patriots are choke artists.  They've lost almost every big game since the 2004-2005 Divisional playoffs in Denver.  They've lost to Indianapolis 5 out of the last 6.  They've dropped 2 of the last 3 against the Steelers.  They lost that game in February of 2008.  And yet again tonight the Patriots fail to do enough to win against an elite team tonight.  Their biggest win in the past few years was against a Chargers squad in January of 2008 that featured a one-legged Phillip Rivers (who lacked an ACL and an MCL, essentially the same injury Bernard Pollard gave Brady) starting at QB for San Diego.

After all of the roster turnover where Brady, Matt Light, Stephen Neal, Dan Koppen, Nick Kaczur, Kevin Faulk, James Sanders, Jarvis Green, and Ty Warren are the only remaining players that remember and/or participated in any Patriots' Super Bowl win, is it fair to say that *THIS* team chokes?

I say that they're no better than the old Colts were when the old Patriots beat up on them when it mattered most, until proven otherwise.

I don't think *THIS* Patriots' team deserves the benefit of the doubt bestowed on past rosters that won Super Bowls and consisted mostly of players no longer with the team.

Your thoughts?