Please bring to the attention of Laurence Maroney:

I don't care if you thought you'd run faster or if you're a bonehead who thought they could walk into the endzone easily and thought you'd get a head start on celebrating, YOU TUCK THE BALL AWAY WITH BOTH HANDS IN A CROWD, ESPECIALLY NEAR THE GOAL LINE.  You definitely don't hold the ball with one hand and not have it tucked against your ribs (check the replay from the camera angle shooting from the back left of the offense and you'll see) - holding it like a loaf of bread in a crowd near the goalline is asking for trouble, even if nobody is in sight.

I know this because I was taught FIVE points of contact:

Professional athletes should not have these kinds of lapses.  That's fundamental football that they taught me in high school.  I hate to lose on something as dumb as five points of contact against a team as good as Indianapolis.