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Attention Mr. Brian Waters!!

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    Re: Attention Mr. Brian Waters!!

    I know I'm not privy to the inner agreements between the players and the team but, I'm not going to assume anything about attitude or anyother personal trait or lack of by Brian Waters. I hope this situation is just off season hyperbole and an agreement for if and/or when he is or isn't is already set by the team  either way. I highly doubt that BB is in the dark as we are and is waiting in anticipation of Mr Waters decision. I would love to see Waters in the fold and perform to the level he did last season but if he feels he can no longer play to that level anymore, thanks for the job you did for us last year and enjoy retirement. As a fan sometimes we lose sight of that this a players profession and are actually real people not just football players 24/7/365. A sucessful organization is built well planned logical decision making and solid well defined objective and structure based on logical application not emotional based ideals and interpretations. Remember trying to thinking with your heart or logically explain your emotions doesn't work. I think some fans are putting waaaaaaaaaaaaay to much emotions into assesment of the situation and have unrealistic conclusions and are making overly dramatic interpretations of every little bump in the road.
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    Re: Attention Mr. Brian Waters!!

    Just to be clear for all those up in arms about Bob Kraft wasting his money on Waters, the Pats are paying Waters nothing now.  Contract or not, you don't have to pay a guy on the "did not report" list.  And as far as I know, Waters' salary is also not currently counting against the salary cap.  I don't believe there was any signing bonus either, but if there were the second-year prorated part would count against this year's cap regardless of whether Waters showed up or not or was retained or cut.  In short, as far as I can tell, Waters "holdout" has no effect at all on the actual finances of the Patriots or their salary cap accounting. That's probably why BB is wiling to give him the option of thinking about retirement longer.  At this point, BB probably is thinking of Waters as a useful "speed dial" guy in case there's an injury.  BB has clearly gone ahead and planned for the year without him, and I'm sure hasn't been in the dark at any point (in fact, as recently as July, Waters implied that he and the team were in contact and had agreed that the team would do all the talking about his status).  This is a complete non-issue in my opinion.  Unfortunately, a lot of people let themselves become convinced that Waters was returning despite having no solid evidence to support that conclusion.  If these people now feel "betrayed" by Waters' not returning, that really is their own fault, because Waters has never said anything other than he is contemplating retirement and BB has never said anything other than "no comment." 

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    Re: Attention Mr. Brian Waters!!

    Oh, look, it's Rusty.  And he's taken over a thread, posted LMAO a lot and started playing martyr again.  That was the best week every without you, Rusty.  I'm going to have to go one level above the mods and hope GOD himself bans you.  Permanently this time.
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    Re: Attention Mr. Brian Waters!!

    13 seasons!  35 years old..went all the way to the SB last season, that can't be easy to recover from after that much wear and tear.

    It is possible he has earned a break in BB eyes..actually given Bills respect for vetrans it is more than likely.

    I am hoping BB told him to show up in week 7 or when an OL gets hurt...
    but I don't know for sure and apparently no one else here does.