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Auf Wiedersehen to VOLLMER! No way we go Long with him....

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    Re: Auf Wiedersehen to VOLLMER! No way we go Long with him....

    In response to CommyContrarian's comment:

    It is what it is.. injury proned 27 yo jake just got a 4 year 36m deal. no clue what the guaranteed $ is but that does seem mighty RICH! of all the positions needed to upgrade and to spend on, OL seems to be the one area where we need to cut from esp after the foolhardy mankins deal. bb never should have paid that ransom. thats one he should have welkered. thomas would have been just fine in that spot. clearly dante's inferno works wonders with these guys. this draft is filled with guys he could work with. even in free agency he can find serviceable guys. heck, cannon did an admirable job filling in for vollmer for all the games and reps he missed. anything over a 3m cap hit per year is way to rich for that position.. period!

    I say let him go,

    at the later part of the season he was getting torched and run past too often.

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