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B-more press blasts officiating

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    B-more press blasts officiating
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    Re: B-more press blasts officiating

    Ravens fans are avoiding trying to answer these questions, but I'm not letting go:

    Wright's BS unnecessary roughness penalty in sacking Joe Flacco 
    that horrible call on the field goal fake for illegal motion 
    The Ravens didn't hand the ball to Ray Rice more despite his 9.1 yards per carry (50 yards on one carry, 53 yards on the other 10 carries - 5.3ypc) 
    The last three passes of the game hit Mark Clayton right in the hands 
    Their coach was dumb enough to get called for unsportsmanlike conduct 
    Joe Flacco was dumb enough to get called for delay of game 

    Oh yea... 
    Baltimore fumbled the opening kickoff 
    The Patriots dominated the time of possession 34:56 - 25:04. 
    Flacco was hit at least 6 or 7 times and hurried a bunch more 

    I bet the refs and SpyGate and George W. Bush caused all of that.