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if that s you in the picture it's been awhile since you ve been to bootcamp!!!


That's pretty classless.  glenr is one of the worst posters here, but there is never a need for a post like this.


NE, don't take the filthy bear seriously...if it wasn't for Rusty or those who don't hate Rusty, he would never post here...he's usually too busy smoking the chronic all day...he knows nothing about football...or women...:)

Only Rusty isn't in this thread.

Now you may run your mouth about how you can prove I am Rusty then disappear like the rest of babes quilting circle. 1100+ posts in 1 month during the quietest time in the NFL? The sure sign of someone how comes here to parade their virtual machismo not talk football

glenr, I wasn't taking a shot at you OR Rusty....I hate Babe, he's a hyper religious bigoted clown!...I was supporting you and the I have nothing but disdain for the anyone who doesn't hate Rusty for no reason crowd...can't stand the pseudo tough guys here who hide behind the keyboard and hates for no other reason than to hate...peace dude...don't go after me for supporting you by supporting Rusty.....the madness is infecting everyone...lmao...peace dude...

Oh, and TURDMAN...I hate you too!


Hates a strong word dude? Maybe dislike or don't agree with their posts?

LMAO. I assure you I don't hate either of these two worthless fools. You would have to consider someone's actions significant even in some small way in order to hate them. They provide nothing of worth whatsoever here. They are just two malevolent silly little clowns. Hardly worthy of hate.


Babe you are just so tough over the internet. Phony hypocrite Christian