Back in the 3-4. Thoughts?

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    Back in the 3-4. Thoughts?

    So the fascination/panic/obsession with the Patriots' 4-3 splurge last week was answered as they came out in majority 3-4 set this week. I still expect a heavy does of 43 a la the early 2000's, but I hope this reassures people that 34 isn't going anywhere.

    They had what many expected, a front seven that included Guyton and Woods.

    Things I liked:

    1.) Moving Woods to Thomas's old position as the Rush linebacker. While this might pigeon-hole AT into a nanny type role instead of a bandit type role, it will mitigate Woods' weaknesses by limiting his coverage responsibilities to RB's in the flats, and will allow him to pick up the edge against the league's smaller LT's who are typically pass-pro experts. I think it was BB or Pees who said they never question Woods' ability to get after the QB, so I hope they are right.
    2.) The inside blitz with Mayo. This could be crucial. It has been a while since Tedy had the legs to really penetrate, and that was a specialty play a few years ago that really wreaked havoc.
    3.) They generated a good amount of pressure in this front.
    4.) We still have yet to see Burgess have some serious snaps. I think he will be able to be used where Woods was tonight. That could look real good.
    5.) BB is messing with the heads of opposing coaches again, by running two completely different defensive plans on opposite weeks. Ne hasn't really had anything more than a credible "43" sub-package in a few years, basically since Tedy lost the ability to play CF with range, and Willie Mac left. Now they do with Mayo and Burgess. Game plan for that.

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    Re: Back in the 3-4. Thoughts?

    I liked the 3-4 tonight with OLBs on LOS, a pseudo 4-3 that gets into the QB's head because there is no time to diagnose blitz or dropback since there is no motion on LOS. I generally thought our D performed well in the first quarter, and the points we gave up was because Wheatley should have been prepared for the out route which is what you do when you diagnose jailbreak because the back is thin.

    I see Springs being cut and Butler, who is a rising star, may very well start the season. Not only is his speed and timing great for this level, but he has the cool which you saw when he calmly recovered Chung's dropped punt return.

    On the inside, we generated a lot of pressure and I expect us to see a great number of stunts because of the DL ability to command double-team, and when the OL worry too much about the gaps, they lose control of their man and that is when you see people start to break through and pressure the QB.

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    Re: Back in the 3-4. Thoughts?

    Nice points.

    I don't think Springs can be cut. They already paid him a substantial bonus. He did get p'wned by Benson though. But he is just a vet.

    Butler looks good. He always looked good at UCONN. I wouldn't be suprised if he and Chung see starting roles before long.

    I too, am disappointed with Wheatley so far. He seems to have actualy taken a step back from last season. One can only wonder if he is playing tentative because he doesn't want to break the crystal wrist again?

    On a side note, McGowan looked better than I thought he would. Interesting mix.

    On the stunts, I expect them as well, especially considering how they can be sued to assist different blitzes as well. The Pats did some 2-gapping in 4-3 as well last week, and I think that will be a huge key to how this 4-3 can run. With an interior of Brace and Fork, for instance, you could have two players occupy four gaps. The last team I can remember that did full time two gap in 4-3 fronts was the 2000 ravens with Adams and Goose. That defense stunk. ;-0
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    Re: Back in the 3-4. Thoughts?

    I couldn't agree more...2 gapping on a four man front can be lethal if executed.  We know Wilfork can handle the assignment.  I am wondering if Brace is not yet up to the challenge if they would consider moving Seymour inside, pretty sure he could do the trick.  Green or Pryor on the end?
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    Re: Back in the 3-4. Thoughts?

    Does anyone else think that patpsycho is the alter ego of zbellino?