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Back in the 3-4. Thoughts?

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    Re: Back in the 3-4. Thoughts?

    I liked the 3-4 tonight with OLBs on LOS, a pseudo 4-3 that gets into the QB's head because there is no time to diagnose blitz or dropback since there is no motion on LOS. I generally thought our D performed well in the first quarter, and the points we gave up was because Wheatley should have been prepared for the out route which is what you do when you diagnose jailbreak because the back is thin.

    I see Springs being cut and Butler, who is a rising star, may very well start the season. Not only is his speed and timing great for this level, but he has the cool which you saw when he calmly recovered Chung's dropped punt return.

    On the inside, we generated a lot of pressure and I expect us to see a great number of stunts because of the DL ability to command double-team, and when the OL worry too much about the gaps, they lose control of their man and that is when you see people start to break through and pressure the QB.

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    Re: Back in the 3-4. Thoughts?

    I couldn't agree more...2 gapping on a four man front can be lethal if executed.  We know Wilfork can handle the assignment.  I am wondering if Brace is not yet up to the challenge if they would consider moving Seymour inside, pretty sure he could do the trick.  Green or Pryor on the end?
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    Re: Back in the 3-4. Thoughts?

    Does anyone else think that patpsycho is the alter ego of zbellino?