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Back Surgery for Gronk

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    Re: Back Surgery for Gronk

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    Repeating what I've said previously...  Gronkowski is a fragile oversized kid who will be a losing proposition to the Patriots.  Perhaps, although the Patriots knew of his medical history they decided to take the "gamble" and hence gambling consists of mostly losers and not too many, if any, winners.


    Now you can identify with my reasoning for saying this kid's so-called football career is not only in jeopardy but more than likely for all intents and purposes it is over!




    Meh. He was worth the risk on a 3rd rounder. What was colossally stupid was playing him on xps.


    It's rather absurd to claim his career is over.


    The two people who will decide his fate are of the following mindset: Robert Kraft - strickly a money man, return on investment is first and nothing is in second place.  You do not get to his level without practicing the first rule of business which is "make money", secondly you have Bill Belichick who has very little patience with those who step over his line in the sand and those who do not perform as he demands.





    Dont know Kraft, do you?  He was a fan in the stands when they were losing.  When he moved into the owner's box they started winning.  Im not trying to say he's perfect but he cares about a lot more than just money.

    Get a grip on reality...  Public image is important to money people.  They are good at what they do and they will convince you of their sweetness when the cameras are rolling.  And by the way, I'm not saying he's a "bad" person, I'm saying he's a money person and that means a different agenda.  Let's face it the world consists of the have's and have not's.  That's just the way it is...

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    Re: Back Surgery for Gronk

    Gronk is not committed to being healthy - that is part of the problem.

    Boozing and wrestling. 

    How do you hurt your back sitting out NFL games?  Boozing and wrestling.