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    Hey all,
    It is pretty clear that the Patriots need to become a more balanced team offensively, as they clearly passed the ball too much this year. As a solution, the Pats should go out and sign Chester Taylor. He is a big, physical back who also has decent speed. He is 30, but has been a backup for either Jamal Lewis or Adrian Peterson for almost his entire career, so he should have plenty of tread left on his tires. He should get 15-20 touches a game. Keep Laurence Maroney as the speed counterpart to Taylor's physical dimension. Maroney runs hard, and has shown some progress, but is at his best when he shares carries with another feature back (ie Corey Dillon). Faulk can stay as the 3rd down, change of pace runner. What do you guys think of this possible situation?
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    Re: backfield

    Laurence Maroney is done with the Patriots.  He my be gifted atheletically, but the guy is a dog and needs to be shown his way out of town.  To think the Patriots wasted a 1st round pick on this sh*t pile.