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"first of all...its the biggest event in all of sports around the world...and for that reason should not be played in bad weather secondly, the superbowl doesnt make its money by the people actually going to the game as most of the tickets in a superbowl are corporate seats or have like wise been bought by someone who isnt the average NFL fan and lastly, its held in areas that are quite reliant on tourism as a part of their natural economy...if places like tampa, arizona, miami lost the super bowl hosting privelages, it could very well prove extremely damaging to the local economies of those areas...places in north(ie bad weather cities) have industry that does not rely on tourism and therefore are uneffected by not having the game and you need to look no further than the two areas most effected by foreclosures to see this so because of the reasons i listed, the super bowl will never be held in a domeless/cold weather city unless its held in NY for the purposes of NY having a new football stadium and its the media capital of the world...those are the only reasons having a super bowl at the razor would be career suicide for any commissioner who agrees to do so " - Jimmy Jimmy first of all I never said that we should have a super bowl in NE, re read my first post and you will see I was clearly talking about a super bowl in New York which you admit WILL HAPPEN. So according to you they only hold super bowls in tourist areas? So you are telling me that Detroit is a tourist destination? are you f*cking kidding me? Detroit? get a grip. Oh and New York which is the city I was talking about in the first place is a tourist destination so again you clearly were not paying attention. And I was saying it would be nice for them to have ONE super bowl up North in bad weather i never once said from now on or anything like that so no one is saying lets take the privilege of holding a super bowl away from places like Miami permanently so i dont know where you got that from but no one was saying lets take away their right to hold a super bowl I was saying it would be cool if they did it once in a while. You clearly just respond with out really reading what other people post.
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first of all...i read your posts on this topic 3 times...i know what you said...i just disagree...and for should not be calling me out for not reading your post

secondly...i have no idea why they have held 2 superbowls in just as baffled as anyone else as to why they would do such a thing other than the ford family begging and pleading to have it there to bring in some much needed money to the area not suggesting that the league would have it in NE on a regular said that...not me...i think its a bad idea because other cold weather cities would feel a sense of entitlement to host the big game...i mean if you can argue as to why there should be a super bowl in NE, why not seattle? why not minnesota?...if you set a precedent with cold weather superbowls, especially in non-domed stadiums...then every team will want to host it and no, this is not the MLB all-star was seen with jacksonville a few years back...the city needs to be able to host the game comfortably and IMO, only big southern cities give that target enjoyment factor