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Ballard, Demps and Armstead = 3 missing draft picks

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    Re: Ballard, Demps and Armstead = 3 missing draft picks

    In response to auchhhhhhhhhhh's comment:

    TE, Ballard can be a LEGIT backup for gronk and/or a nightmare in 2 and 3 TE sets, imagine those 2 huge TE´s blocking + Oline

    RB, Demps can really run and its a football player, not a track star trying to get cute and play football. He can take over PR and KR, and help on third down. (camp its gonna be soooo competitive for vareen, demps and woodhead)

    DT, Armstead, looks good on video, probably will need some time. He could be like having another 3rd round pick (i´m not buying he is 1st or 2nd round material) This addition to the team, gives BB room to use the 1st rounder in a Pass rusher or DB.

    THE REST OF THE EQUATION ??? Just do the same than last year...

    1.- have another good defensive Draft, just like last year.

    2.- bring a good WR to this team, Just like last year.

    3.- Take care of your players, Talib, Welker and Vollmer and its done !!!!


    Its not a flashy offseason, but a great one if you ask me...


    Not sure how you sign Talib, Welker & Vollmer plus fill the other 15 open roster spots with $18M in cap room. Bringing in another receiver making anything more that $1-2M will be impossible at that point.