Baltimore a team of destiny?

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    Re: Baltimore a team of destiny?

    Not scared of that defense at all but I will say they have good recievers that can really grab the ball out of the air.

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    Re: Baltimore a team of destiny?

    In response to dapats1281's comment:

    I'm starting to get a little worried.

    They just played a ton of snaps on defense and should be tired. Also played in the thin air and will need to travel. Things don't look good for the Ravens physically.


    However, Flacco stepped up big time and this team seems to be riding on a wave of emotion. After seeing Baltimore in the last quarter of the season, I honestly thought they would be one and done.

    Suddenly, the Ravens don't look as bad as I thought they were.

         Flacco was was Ray Rice, and the Baltimore defense...especially Ray Lewis and Terrell Suggs. Don't forget, 14 of Denver's 35 points came on kick returns for TDs. I was very impressed by the Ravens.  

         The Pats have their own unfinished business to tend to tomorrow. And, if they do take care of the Texans, they get to play the Ravens at home.