Baltimore headhunters

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    Baltimore headhunters

    Anyone see Pollard slam that Cleveland receiver in the head the other night? I think the league needs to start cleaning Baltimore's defense up-they are the dirtiest bunch of SOB's out there and the replacement refs should've ejected Reed when he hit Branch.





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    Re: Baltimore headhunters

    Just like the Saints, only without the bounty program...they just try to hurt people because they find it fun.

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    Re: Baltimore headhunters

    Ravens are one if not the dirtiest team in the league. From the start they were pushing - punching-- all kinds of nasty stuff after the plays-they knew they had high school fefs and could get away with it.   BTW just read an article where one of the refs was from Mass -  forgot what town--a high school ref. The NFL paid them $3,500 a game. Hey just be thankful their biggest thug was on the sidelines--SLUGGS

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    Re: Baltimore headhunters

    Reed is the same player Rodney Harrison was. He delivers big hits and plays on the edge. As a Pats fan I had little problem with either the hit on Edelman or Branch.

    On the Branch one...what would anyone suggest he do? He slightly lowered his head, yes, as he was lowering his shoulder. It's hard to not lower your head while lowering a shoulder.

    On Edelman, he was trying to make a play to prevent a TD. Edelman was bobbling the ball and heading to the ground. Again, it's hard to fault the defender for this. Had Edelman caught the ball, as is his job, he has time to get down and defend himself. He bobbled it and is mad he got clocked in the middle of the field. This still is football.

    I never thought, and still don't think of Baltimore as a dirty team. They play with a lot of ferocity, they play EVERY good defense does. Maybe we've forgotten around here because we don't, and haven't had a good D in a while.

    Ray Lewis, to me, is the best MLB in league history. Now go watch some highlights of him; he drives through the player, wraps his arms and finishes his tackles. He is NOT James Harrison. Ed Reed is in the same class as Lewis. Why do you think he went up to Branch immediately after, and why do you think Branch shook his hand? Reed is NOT a dirty player.

    Are we, as Pats fans, going to cry every time one of our players gets hit hard? If those were penalties and fine worthy in your eyes, don't complain about the Mayo hit and fine.

    People want to hate Pollard around here, I get that, he's hurt 3 Patriots, costing Brady an entire season, Welker an entire Playoffs, and Gronk a Super Bowl. Personally, I haven't seen enough of hime playing overall to think he's a dirty player, but he isn't someone who regularly pops up on the fine list, so I have an idea he's not so bad.