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Ban Rusty Pact

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    Re: Ban Rusty Pact

    LOL this is getting funny cause we all can see who had the account first  so whats the point?

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    Re: Ban Rusty Pact

     Clam down all i was saying was that we seen the start dates ,I didnt know about the reset thing BDC did.

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    Re: Ban Rusty Pact

    ok I  did but for some reason I dont think anything will happen to him just lets see.

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    Re: Ban Rusty Pact

    Wow that was fast!!Wait I think they Deleted the wrong person

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    Re: Ban Rusty Pact

    Rusty posts and posts and posts about how terrible Jaromir Jagr is.  On the final goal last night (this morning really), Jagr makes an awesome move to start the play.

    Poof!  He's gone.  Back over here.

    Please keep him.


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    Re: Ban Rusty Pact

    In response to Bunker Spreckles' comment:

    In response to antibody's comment:


    In response to Bunker Spreckles' comment:


    In response to antibody's comment:



    In response to Bunker Spreckles' comment:


    In response to antibody's comment:




    Best post in this board's history.  Thanks for that, man.  Phat Rex/Navin Johnson should also be removed, yesterday.







    You're welcome. Needed to be said and it felt pretty good.

    Well, good job. I always felt like if more people stepped forward and accurately portayed what is REALLY going on, a lot of that group would shut the efff up and the board would go smoother.


    You give them an inch with the 10-15 troll/irrational clique behaving the same way as a group, and that's all it takes.

    I've had many disagreements in debates with people here and and we just agreed to disgree and move on. 

    I readily admit I drop in the Brady has sucked in the postseason lines at times. But, I only do that to counter the sneaky agenda of an RKrap or whomever who clearly use an agenda to blame or scapegoat BB or anyone else to deflect away from the reality of Brady being incredibly disappointing with this play. I told them: If they start a sneaky deflectionary anti-BB type of thread or one that scapegoats any player that does not current own a SB ring, I am pulling it out as a reminder of what our supposed best player has been doing in these postseasons.

    If they stop with their agendas, I won't use mine in return. But, I never initiate. Ever.

    What I find fascinating is how insular they are in terms of not realizing how the general NFL public is all wondering what is going on with Brady in the postseason lately,  but they just want to ignore the WHY because they can't handle a possibly reason as to why.

    Like, it's somehow impossible to believe that what probably has happened in terms of his play has actually occurred. 

    In summary, you may not even agree with my Brady analysis (the clear agitation from their point of view), but you aren't as cuckoo as they are not letting me have that opinion.

    It's become more and more apparent that I've been right for a while now, too, which drives them beserk.


    O.K. While I'm ranting, let's be honest here Griswold. You absolutely bring alot of this on yourself. Why let these things get to you? So some people here have "Brady agendas." Who f***ing cares!? Let them have thier opinions. Why does everything with you need to degenerate into these non-sensical personal insults? You go on about your IQ and education. Those things and a couple of bucks will get you a weak cup of coffee. There are people with master's degrees asking if I'd like an apple pie with my order. If I had to list all of the educated imbeciles I have met in my life, I'd never get to stop typing. When you talk down to people the way you do, you sound anything but intellegent. A truly intellegent individual would not feel the need to prove anything to anyone, much less a bunch of slack-jawed-knuckle-draggers (and I include myself in this group) on a sports forum. Get down off of that high hoss of your's once in a while and try posting like a regular guy talking football or whatever with some other regular guys (or gals). Knock off the personal bull-shyte and see what happens. If nothing else think of it as an interesting sociological experiment. You never know. You might enjoy your posting experience more and maybe just maybe some of your antagonists might back off.


    End of rant. (again, for now.) Looking at history I don't expect anything I've written here will reach you at all or that you will make any attempt to augment your behavior in any way.      But I had to try.

    Yeah, I just don't I am going to tolerate some toad thinking they're somehow superior, though. Don't you see it's them?  It's pretty easy to see, IMO.

    So, when I talk about IQ or education level, it's because I am pointing how ridiculous their ridiculous statments are as a basis as to why their statements are ridiculous. You have people ranting about how BB is as a GM, wanting Mike Wallace or this guy and that guy, someone like me explains to them WHY it ain't happening, and they ignore it and go on and whine, over and over.  It's like a child in a way. They don't want to believe something, so refuse to learn and educate themselves.  Ignorance. 

    Quite frankly I don't really care what anyone does, how many degrees they have, etc. It's more just a way to slap a troll,  or in all honesty, a mouth breathing Brady Ballwasher type.  They're annoying. They're pink helmets. They're same fans who show up to tailgate in an SUV and then don't get into the stadium in time or the ones who are LOUDER when we're on offense than we need them to be on D, standing there or usually sitting down during important playoff games.  Super.  It's like night and day from the Pats fan pre 2007 or even pre 2004.  I am not a big fan of phonies or hypocrites either. This is a big boy board for in depth discussion, not some mouth breathehr gatering for Brady Fanboys.

    Look at it like this:  I try to picture these discussion are over a pitcher of beer at a bar.  But, if someone walked up and joined the discussion and started with this anti-BB, pink hat, whiny routine that they do here, as they wear a Brady jersey, I'd get up and leave the table.  Seriously. I cannot stand fans who don't want to learn from others or who only care about 1 player and their stats.

    I am just not going to tolerate imbeciles interrupting other fans' good discussions.  All they do is really interrupt with using an agenda as a backdrop.  And, I don't think I am alone in thinking it's incredibly annoying and unnecessary either.




    But you won't leave the table. You hang in until you've started a fight. And not just among those at your table, but every table at the bar. Not only that bar but they can hear you at the  bar next door. Over the band. If you behaved this way at most of the establishments that I patronize you'd be given the bum's rush for your own protection before someone broke your jaw. Or worse. And rightly so (the bum's rush, not the broken jaw).

    Let me try a different approach. Let's boil this thing down to one word.


    Simple civility.

    Why is that so exasperatingly difficult for you?

    You are clearly not an idiot. Why do you insist in continuing to act like one?

    Why do you get so worked up about what other people think? Especially a bunch of morons (and I include myself in this group) on some sports forum thinks. You're making no sense here.

    That's it. That was my final attempt at reason. I'm going to the beach now. The first tropical storm of the season is passing through, and that's gotta be a helluva lot more interesting than this boojum.

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    Re: Ban Rusty Pact

    In response to wozzy's comment:

    Years ago I asked Rusty to post less, thinking that brevity is the soul of wit.  Whether you win or lose an argument, once you've had your say, stop.  

    It's funny because on threads that aren't football related Russ comes off as a real genuine, thoughtful, nice guy.

    The problem with Russ is that he posts with his emotions, and football is cool logic.  If he can leave his emotions out of it, he probably wouldn't blow up every thread, step on other's posts or lose his train of thought.  

    He cares too much and passion as a fan is great, just don't end up like DeNiro in The Fan.  Nobody should be banned or censored, but if you think a poster is too much, you could always ignore them.

    it is not emotion at all

    it's the deusionally huge ego, the self-love, the idea that he is the smartest person in any room he walks into and the mr. spock like lack of things he finds no use for because they don't benefit him, like common decency, basic respect for others and empathy





    it's so simple it escapes all the enablers here: a permanent ban is the only solution






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