This post has nothing to do with the outcome of this game, rather everything leading up to it, in terms of the putrid excuses of fans some of you are. And even calling some of you fans is a real stretch. Lets say we lose this game, if we do its safe to assume that this will go down as one of the worst performances in Pats playoff history, right up there with the last SB. Mosdef in the top five. And if we do go on to lose, it will ruin the next month and a half, til' after the SB. But ill get over it and be fired up for next year! The draft, where around here is always interesting, trade up or down, or trade for someone like a Moss or Welker. Do we possibly get a stud in the first couple of rounds? Do we go get someone in F/A , maybe Marshell, Jackson, Walter or Breaston?  We mosdef need an actually tight end, you know one who can go over the MIDDLE OF THE FIELD and make a big catch for us. Imagine a rec. core w/ Moss, Marshell, Walter or Breaston. And maybe throw in Scheffler to that mix. Its not at all far-fetched to think we can get 2-3 of those guys. How about Barrett Rudd, I really like this guy and am shocked the Bucs havnt signed him. Hes a machine and would be a leader any D. Or how about D Ryan, again like Rudd, his team has every reason in the world to sign him, but theres no reason we cant get into the mix. Both rec and lb(ilb and olb) are big needs on this team.  I could keep going about our pass rush and D-line. The O-line has had troubles even though they only let up 16-17 sacks. Two points here, there is much hope for the future and we dont need these front-running losers to get back on top. All day through every thread its something along the lines of "BB is a moron", "bench 12, get Hoyer in there", "TIME FOR A COACHING CHANGE". Please jump ship now because your disgusting, and Im glad we can see who happen to be real fans. I hate using that term, "real fans" , but sometimes its needed and this is one of them. Please, Please jump off now, your pathetic.