BB: "Encouraging with Cannon"

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    Re: BB: "Encouraging with Cannon"

    It's great that this kid has gotten to this point and we hope his health continues to improve.

    IF he's activated then I'm looking forward to those situations where the Patriots need to run the ball to keep the clock going perhaps putting him in the line with Waters. Remember his natural position is tackle and the scouts had him playing guard. I could see them pushing either Solder or Vollmer over as a blocking TE just for running plays. If nothing else he's a great backup.

    Again IF they do activate him onto the 53 man squad then some of the reserve linemen will be looking for work.
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    Re: BB: "Encouraging with Cannon"

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    In Response to Re: BB: "Encouraging with Cannon" : Cant say for sure this year, but before this year, Faulk was the best at blitz pick up and pass protection.  That is why.
    Posted by MordecaiBloodmoon

    i understand that. but we do not how he'd be on the field. i think he should be given a shot at showing what he still got. if he shows he can still be as strong and quick, then fine. 

    i just find statements like "bb needs faulk" is more about what faulk was vs what faulk will be. and i am not a fan of giving a spot to anyone due to sentimental reasons. that's the type of thing that the seattle teams do (griffey and hasselbeck) and that's why they're not good. i love faulk, but i love the collective pats more.
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    Re: BB: "Encouraging with Cannon"

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    Cannon was the one OL I was really hoping to get. It's rare you see someone his size running with a RB and blocking down field but this is what Cannon did in college. I thought he was a low 1st early 2nd talent (for a G that's high praise) and was beyond excited we got him in the 4th. Steal of the draft if he starts. But, I'd like him to be red shirted this year and just learn next to Waters. If Waters can be signed for another year I'd do a Light/Solder type of thing with Waters and Cannon for a year. I know because of Vollmer, Solder has had to start but the idea imo was that Solder would be worked into the starting role eventually taking it over for the last 4 games of the season. I can see Waters starting the season then becoming a backup by the end of next season. The only question is, if he's playing himself out of NE next year and if he'd want that type of mentoring role knowing Cannon's right on his back
    Posted by PatsEng

    i started a thread on the same topic a couple hours before this one posted. i posted a few thoughts there as did a few others.

    im not sure bb will play it this way (th eway you suggest) although i can see why it might be a good choice.

    i dont see the reason bb puts him in practice right now and then sits him after 3 weeks practice or takes a man off the 53 man roster if he doesnt have a plan to use him. good to have this problem and to have 6 legit good o lineman. makes you smile.
    they should keep waters as long as they can (and he performs at high enough level, ditto with the other 5.
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    Re: BB: "Encouraging with Cannon"

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    Waters is yet another example of a Belichick pick-up that is a great contributer. Anyone know about the health of Vollmer. Having Vollmer and Cannon healthy creates depth on an O Line that has been very good so far.
    Posted by JohnHannahrulz

    yep. that was my point.