Colonel Moammar Gadhafi wasn't the only weird despot sent packing recently. The same week Libyan rebels marched on Col. Gadhafi's Tripoli compound, Burger King ousted the mascot that had represented the No. 2 hamburger chain since the middle of the decade.Known as "The Burger King," "TBK" or simply "The King," the red-bearded monarch with the oversized head, dead eyes and frozen smile came by his reputation for creepiness honestly. Over a seven-year blitz on television and the Internet, we saw The King embrace his role as voyeur, merry prankster, bedroom stalker, reckless sports enthusiast and petty hoodlum with a Robin Hood streak.In one notorious British Burger King commercial, The King startles a potential customer by suddenly appearing behind him just as the man withdraws money from an ATM. In another commercial shown only in Europe, the habitué of an Amsterdam-like sex club recoils in disgust as The King begins a pole dance.