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BB draft move theories

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    BB draft move theories

    For those who question the first pick of Patrick Chung...look at it this way.  Most people would have been happy before the draft if we said we would get 

    Darius Butler @ #34 after trading down (mock drafts had him at #23 or higher)
    Patrick Chung @ #41

    I think BB understood other teams' needs as much as ours.  Look at the Broncos, they went Corner and Safety, just like we did in the second round.  In terms of safeties, teams must have seen a gap between Delmas/Chung and the supposedly third best safety William Moore.  In fact, the Broncos later chose Texas Tech safety McBath over Moore.  So with Delmas gone at #33 to Lions, Pats go for the next best safety.  Bill knew one of the two corners(Alphonso Smith or Darius Butler) would fall to #40 because he knew other teams were not looking at corners besides the Broncos.  First off, I think Darius Butler is a better higher rated corner anyways so we luck out by Denver choosing Alphonso Smith.  But they are similar and the difference isn't as drastic as Chung to the next safety Moore or McBath.  I also think Pats would have chosen Chung over Delmas anyways.  So we get two solid players that the Pats have been eyeing AND two solid tackles.  I think this has been a great draft so far.  Expecting a pass-rush monster in the first two rounds would have been a bit of a reach, he probably has more faith in guys that have been in our system like Crable and Guyton.
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    Re: BB draft move theories

    absolutely right. he saw that butler would be available but no way chung was lasting to 40. as for LB's, they must feel like guyton has a legit shot to be the starter in 2010. i would also guess that they are very high on redd and maybe crabble. 
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    Re: BB draft move theories

    Other than their last pick whom I have never seen play, their 1st 3 choices all have been considered safe. Butler had a 1st round grade and some mocks had him going to us @ #23 while both Chung and Brace had solid 2nd round grades.

    I have not seen their OL pick play but after drafting and developing Mankins who everyone said was a reach, I have faith in BB's line coach and how he views potential.

    With 2 additional 3rd round picks aquired and 4 total in the 3rd now , I think we will trade 1 for a 2nd rounder next year as well as at least 1 additional trade to recoup our 4th which will also be geared towards next years draft.