BB needs a helping of Humble Pie

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    BB needs a helping of Humble Pie

    The miserable performance by our Patriots yesterday shows that BB has lost the hearts and minds of this team.  That team was completely unprepared, mentally and physically, to play in (let alone win) an NFL playoff game.  Did that look like a team in pursuit of a win (or of any goal at all)?

    This team (with the exception of Faulk, Edelman and maybe a few others) for what ever reason was simply going through the motions.

    A team-wide performance that bad falls within the responsibility of the Coach. Bob Kraft needs to serve some Humble Pie of his own and take back this team.  At a minimum, we need a real OC and DC who has authority over the game plan and play-calling.  BB used to be a game plan genius, but those days are a distant memory.  When is the last time we saw the Pats deploy a defensive scheme that confused or disrupted an opponent (e.g. getting into Peyton Manning's head 9-10 years ago)? 

    We used to tailor the game plan to the particular opponent we faced, and each week knew how we would beat that team.  We used to know how to win - low-scoring games, shoot-outs, close games, whatever it took.  

    I hope the Patriots will start re-building from the top down.  Here's to next year.

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    Re: BB needs a helping of Humble Pie

    Real Dumb comment  trpeake2

    They got beat bad but to say they were only going through the motions shows that you have no idea what a pro athlete does for a living. I can't say any more because you would never say they went through the motions if you had an once of brains in this matter.

    9/10 years ago wow you are pushing the BS did they not win 3 SB is the past 9 years? So HTF is that 9-10 years ago. Like I said not an once of brain on this subject.

    Yes they need to rebuild but they still won 10 maybe not pretty but it is still more than most teams so a complete rebuild is as I stated dumb and you sstill don't have an once of a brain on this subject.

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    Re: BB needs a helping of Humble Pie

    Somehow some of the guys ...he lost.....AD, Maroney, the list is long and distinguised. 

    I also think that the Welker Moss combo led to offensive digression.  Look at it this way....imagine adding Welker (pre-injury) to the AZ Cardinals who have Fitzgerald, Breaston and Boldin?   Would they ever NOT complete a pass? 

    What happened to the Pat's is that it was too easy to defer to Welker game in and game out.  He was catching 10-12 passes a game.  Reminded me a when Bledsoe only threw to Ben Coates (93-98).  They utilized him as a crutch.

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    Re: BB needs a helping of Humble Pie

    just listened to BB on EEI and I got the uneasy feeling that he just doesnt get it...he kept on refering to his past years regarding the failures of this team and how it was nothing new...I respectfully disagree BB. This years team was not a victim of rebuilding as many people think, but of shoddy coaching, terrible personnel moves, and lack of leadership.  This is very little on this team save for Brady, Welker, Mayo, and a few others that are actually worth keeping. We are not rebuilding, we are collapsing. Also, he really is a passionless man vocally (it seems) and I get the feeling he is not really a motivator but a preparer. When the team got in the hole early, he was more concerned with maintaining the x's o's than turning the mo around by adapting to the changing situation. This interview and his answers were just as troubling as the loss imo.
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    Re: BB needs a helping of Humble Pie

    BB needs a helping of Humble Pie

    What about the fans?  I believe they need a slice of that pie, as well.  We filled their collective heads so full of "you're great" for the 2007 Super Bowl that they played as though they should not have even had to play/win that game.  (Remember the huge turnouts for the pre-season?)

    Every player that came to the Pats seemed to believe that they were going to get a ring...without even putting in the effort, yet.  Where is the attitude, work ethic, and comraderie that prompted that first Super Bowl winner to come on the field as a team?
    Instead, the team leaders were replaced with retreads that would impress the Red Sox FO.  In addition, the selfishness of the "Get Paid" bunch also left for greener pastures.  Add a few injuries, and you have a sorry lot that can't get to their meetings on time.