BB, QB maker?

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    BB, QB maker?

    So, you're expecting BB to barely miss a beat when his luckiest draft pick in history QB hangs them up?


    Let's look at his sterling record of finding QBs not named Brady on draft day.


    Keithen McCant

    Eric Zeier (3)

    Rohan Davey (4)

    Kliff Kingsbury

    Matt Cassel

    Kevin O'Connell (3)

    Ryan Mallett (3)



    Other than Cassel, who has completely sucked other than 2 seasons with very fortuitous schedules, this list is so unexciting it would put one into a Rip Van Winkle type coma.


    Yet you think he is going to just roll right along without Brady. That's foolish.

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    Re: BB, QB maker?

    It must be the exceptionally keen vision of youth that's discerning this sentiment among the many posts extant the forum, Babe.  I say that because these ancient eyes of mine have thus far yet to locate such an assertion.  But I defer to your superior visual acuity.

    Yours in gracious aging,

    The Geez

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    Re: BB, QB maker?

    Old man Babe with yet another witty post.  

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    Re: BB, QB maker?

    "Yet you think he is going to just roll right along without Brady. That's foolish."

    As you know, I'm not in that camp. 

    I do think this draft has exposed a division in the fan base amongst those who are happy with the sustained excellence of division titles in a mediocre division (which is still a good accomplishment year over year), versus those who want to see the team seize the Super Bowl chance with urgency when it is there. 

    I'm in the latter group. 

    On the inside, it seems that BB has mostly been about sustained excellence. But sometimes there is urgency, like going after Ted Washington, Corey Dillon, Randy Moss/Welker, and this year, Revis etc. 

    But when you squander/use a second round pick on a QB, you are clearly thinking about the future, not pushing for a championship now. 

    So in a way BB is trying to play both sides. Because the first draft pick felt like a "win now" pick, a wild card that could be a home run with real impact. Or not. 

    I'd prefer to see him land firmly on one side or the other. When you have a championship level QB, you need to seize the moment. But not sure BB sees it that way, he's more into his system and his overall method. He's more interested in avoiding a 2-14 season like the Colts had. I'd rather have a championship, followed by a season of futility and reload. 

    Not all agree, but it's interesting how clear the lines of the debate have become. 


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    Re: BB, QB maker?

    Interesting Crap!

    Now can you remind me which team that 'went all in' for a championship in the last ten or fifteen years actually won one, or even had a seriously good run of success. Hmmm. I certainly can't think of one.

    Denver went all in with Manning and we are still waiting (oh, yeah ... didn't they draft a back-up QB early last year - that must be the reason they lost.)

    The reality of the NFL is you build a very good team and then hope - hope the ball bounces right, hope you don't have key injuries (remind me how many starters and pro-bowl caliber players the Pats lost last year?), and hope you stars make enough big plays to off-set the other teams stars making big plays. And you do that year after year and maybe you get a ring.

    And really ... you think anybody sees JG as the next Brady or Manning. Heck - no one really believes Luck will be the next Manning or Brady and he was universally hailed as the next 'great' QB. He should have a really nice career, but ...

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    Re: BB, QB maker?

    I understand the sense of urgency many have with respect to Brady's window closing and to a degree I share that view.  That said, I'm not entirely certain that I'd want Kraft/BB to go 'all in' with the goal of winning it all.  An injury here, a bad game or a bad bounce there, name a factor beyond the team's control, and the team doesn't win it all.  Moreover, the Pats' last two SB appearances came down to one or two plays in each case.  I would also add that apart from an NFL ready first-rounder I'm not sure that any draft pick would put a team in the 'all in' category.

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    Re: BB, QB maker?



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    Re: BB, QB maker?

    The lesson (not learned) was that Brady was taken in the 6th round.

    That is where QB's are "made".   and the chip on their shoulder helps the cause.   Patriots should have waited until the later rounds , simple as that.  Oh well,  pay him the frikkin money, Bob.