BB: Sacks Are Overrated

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    Re: BB: Sacks Are Overrated

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    If sacks are over rated, why is that turnstile against run Chris Jones and his 5 sacks mentioned? 

    If Rusty has been saying sacks are over rated for years, how come every time he presents his case that Jones is better than DROY S Richardson, he firstly points to the number of sacks by each?

    because Rusty is a fool most of the time

    for example we all know Devin McCourty is better than Darelle Revis-Rusty said so

    the BB ballwasher will agree with anything his diety says AND will add his usual "I said so" drivel to make himself look even more foolish

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    Re: BB: Sacks Are Overrated

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    I bet the Seahawks wish they had defensive linemen as good as Chris Jones.

    You've become quite the troll. Maybe our team should go 6-10 every year for about 4-5 years and get 5 straight top 10-15 draft picks like Seattle did?


    Still? Are you serious dude... Honestly how many times do I have to prove you wrong and you KEEP SAYING THIS. They stunk for 2 straight years and had a nice trade in there to acquire another top 15 so basically they had 3 top 15 picks from "sucking" in the last 10 years and only 1 made any impact on the defense. I'll post again for you, go ahead and backpedal again because you didn't really mean 4 - 5 straight years, did you? LMAO

    2013 - no 1st rd pick

    2012 - 15 (Bruce Irvin)

    2011 - 25

    2010 - 6 (drafted OT Okung - no impact on D) & 14 (good GM'ing to acquire 14 from Denver)

    2009 - 4 (drafted bust LB Aaron Curry - no impact)

    2008 - 28

    2007 - no 1st rd pick

    2006 - 31

    2005 - 26

    2004 - 23


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    Re: BB: Sacks Are Overrated

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    What Belichick is trying to say is that the guy getting the sack may be overrated, when in actuality it is the other guy who is providing the pressure. I agree with this. A good example is Nink, half of his sacks come from someone else applying the pressure while he cleans up. If the other guy is not providing pressure (Jones) then Nink won't get within shouting distance of that quarterback (see AFC Championship game). I think a big part of what is wrong with our defense is we don't have enough guys who can pressure - I see Chandler Jones doing it, but little else. I can see Jaime Collins being a pressure player, but that's on the outside and it's pretty obvious he's valuable in coverage...Chris Jones looks like he gets a little bit of pressure on the inside from hustle, playing low and his quickness, but we need much more than that.

    I'd love to see this team get someone dominant opposite Jones and then have Nink rotate in. I'm glad nink put together two seasons of back to back 8 sacks, but when you talk about sacks being overrated, this guy is textbook.

    Sound theory...except that Nink lead us in QB pressures. 

    So what you are saying is that he is the best pass rusher on the team? Who are the other pass rushers? And how many snaps did Nink play compared to them? I seem to recall nink playing almost every down the entire year because there was no one to back him up/no depth...does that account for something? The fact that he had probably had more opportunities than anyone in football (playing time wise) to get after the quarterback. And did he lead us in QB pressures last year too? Did he really lead us in footbal pressures this year? Is that a fact? Did Belichick give you that information off of coach's tape or did you read it in your new favorite website PFF? The same website that called Merriweather "the second best safety in the entire AFC" five years ago.

    I think we should have used Bucc and Andre Carter more but I'm not the coach and if you turn in a plus 25.1 against the run, while leading your team in QB pressures and 2nd in sacks I guess you get a lot of playing time.

    Point being you are wrong as usual about nink being the product of chandlers qb pressures. They both played the same amount of snaps and ninko had more pressures,  and I would be willing to bet chandler actually rushed the passer more(nink was aksed to seal the edge more with his dominate +25.1 rating).

    But then again you are a weather man and will not be held responsible for anything you say.

    Hey maybe you're right truechamp (there's a first time for everything), but the way I saw it was Chandler going against better players (left tackles) and having to face more protection than nink...and providing more pressure in the process (and sacks). Now you might be right - maybe nink is the better pass rusher - but I certainly don't see it that way. I saw a guy who I thought benefited greatly from Jones on the other side and produced sacks because of it. What you are telling me is that perhaps Jones is the one that benefited more from NINK, because nink had more pressures based off your favorite website. Again you may be right, but in my opinion Chandler is the better player and nink is overrated as a pass rusher.