BB sends a message........

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    A.Thomas, RMoss , D Burgess, G Guyton were all sent home from practice today as they were late getting there due to weather.BB always works like this but these guys excluding Moss have not delivered at all this year and need a wake up call. I hope this does it!!!!!!! Thomas has not done a thing as well as Burgess..he is a huge disappointment................
    Posted by EASON11

    I have to disagree with you slightly. Guyton has had a few games where he's played well filling in before Mayo returned. Moss, is a slightly different story. Throughout his career, Randy has shown he's not the type of player who will fight w/the DB for the pigskin, as evidenced by Vontae Davis's interception on a poorly thrown Brady pass. 
    Juxtapose that with Sam Aiken's effort on his 81 yd td reception and the all out attempt he made on another poorly thrown pass and you can see why Wes Welker is publicly displaying frustration about his team's play. Wes is carrying this team offensively, but his success comes with a price. Those routes over the middle are are leaving him susceptible to some serious hits. He's a marked man. 
    I said earlier Derrick Burgess is a complete waste of a roster spot and draft pick as for Adalius Thomas, shortly after he came to the Patriots, there was a brief confrontation between him and Ray Lewis. Ray was of the opinion that among other things, AT wasn't or had not played up to his potential while a member of the Ravens. Bill giving him a healthy scratch earlier in the season lends further credence to this argument. Say what you want about Ray Lewis, but he was right.
    I hope this is temporary, but Patriot Place is beginning to resemble Peyton Place. Nothing but drama.

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    In Response to Re: BB sends a message........ : To crono and ALL : ~ I'd be lying if I said that I WASN'T concerned regarding How Randy Moss handles this very tough authoritative stance from Belichick (because, Yes, There's been past precedents of Moss giving an attitude, or just plain giving up when the proverbial you-know-what hits the fan)...  BUT Ya know what?  F- Moss IF He gives up OR gets an attitude.
    Posted by LazarusintheSanatorium

    What concerns me is that Moss seems to be grouped with the already bad attitude guy, Thomas.  When a few (or more) start griping, it's like cancer.  Ironically, neither player has been tearing it up this year.  Of course, Thomas has not lived up to anywhere near his billing from a few years, ago.

    Perhaps, TB needs a new fleet of WR's?  Consider the team acquiring another batch and a TE or two (i.e. one from draft) to get the offense cranking.

    Collective grumbling is not a NE Patriots trait.  Curiously, Thomas seems to be almost antagonising his situation.  Players on the way out can have a bad influence on those who might also be frustrated for other reasons.  (Misery loves company.)

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    Re: BB sends a message........

    IMO, keep Welker get rid of the rest.  Start over.
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    Re: BB sends a message........

    This message has to be taken in the context of the past months.  If everyone was performing at a high level (2007?) he'd cut a lot of slack.  However, in the context that we all saw from AD, RM etc, they are taking too many plays off.  Why is not Moss jumping higher, knocking down INTs etc.. whatever BB perceives they should be doing but are NOT, over the past month or so is what earned them this punishment.

    RM has to understand that NE can't provide him record breaking years all the time... how he responded to that is the issue so far...

    Anyone watching the past games have noted his "disappearence" in the second half.

    Now, for the "slap on the wrist" poster saying "don't do it again"... maybe that was already said... you don't know....

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