BB should sign............

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    Marcus McNeill would be nice if Light retires or restructures for only a couple million. Make Vollmer a backup to both McNeil and Solder as he can't stay healthy enough to be counted on.
    Posted by rameakap

    nice thinking re volmer.
    hard to be counted on as a starter. hope he is done with his injuries.
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    Re: BB should sign............

    This must be one of those instances where people can only recall the 1st game of the 2011 Season, The last 2 games of the playoffs...and subsequently everything else in between being just a grey hazy non-descript total blur, their take on reality becomes entirely set in place by what occured at the very first onset of the 1st half in Week 1 and the final 1 and 1/2 games of the postseason...

    Here ya go in terms of snap count, courtesy of ESPN Boston:

    DE Andre Carter -- 55.8%
    DL Kyle Love -- 50.5%
    DE Mark Anderson -- 47.6%
    <including the guy right in between, percentage-wise />

    Not sure if this includes playoffs...IF the answer's NO- then the Mark Anderson argument's even that much worse (b/c his snap count percentage will be evn greater).

    Andre Carter- 52 TTs 10 Sacks 2 FFs and 1 PD...and he got injured at the very, VERY beginning of the Week 15 Game, missing that and the week 16 game.

    Mark Anderson- 29TTs 10 Sacks 2 FFs and 1 PD <small "of note" to consider: 7...yes, 7 of Anderson's 29TTs came in the final regular season gravy week, with NE blowing up Buffalo; Other than that, Anderson had 1 game with 4TTs, 2 Games with 3 TTs <mind you a "TT" is the combo of solo tackles and assists, e.g. Anderson's week 5 game vs NYJ's was 1 solo tackle, 2 Assists, for a whopping 3 TTs />; All the remaining games, Anderson had 2 Combined Tackles <3 games>, 1 Combined Tackle(s)<6 Games>, or just 0 Tackles<3 games>...And these numbers solely include the games Anderson DID, in fact, play in.

    They do NOT include the playoffs in a player's standard tally.  For Anderson it amounted to: Vs. Denver-3TTs, 0 Sacks, 1 PD, 0 FFs/ Vs. Baltimore-3TTs, 1 Sack, 0 PDs, 0 FFs/Vs. NYG-5TTs, 1.5 Sacks, 0 PDs, 0 FFs.

    Let's not get carried away with the guy who's just an absolute bona fide A#1 D-Line Weak-Link verses the run, Extremely sporadic with a feast or total famine offerings for his pass-rush (Sacks), And whom does nrxt to nothing in terms of the added extras like bat down passes at the LOS, and/or Force Fumbles.

    Just sayin'...On Mark Anderson's side above and in relation to just Andre Carter alone...Anderson has: 4 years more of youth, and the fact that he ended last season without requiring surgery.  That's it.  Oh, and guess what?  Mark my words=Anderson WILL command significantly more money than Carter (b/c other people have just as short a memory as some of you guys do).